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Baby Yoga – 6 weeks to Crawling  ~ Parent & Toddler Yoga  1 – 5 year olds ~ Kids Yoga  3-10 year olds ~ Tweens & Teens  8-16 year olds ~ Family Yoga – 2-99

Kids Yoga Guide offers classes for kids of all ages.

Classes are offered at Mudra yoga studios on South Pearl Street and South Holly Street.  Classes are also offered at preschools, elementary schools, middle and high schools.

All Kids 0-99 years young can participate in yoga. Classes will include:

Breathing exercises to help calm and balance the nervous system, increase intellectual receptivity, support alert, focus learning and readiness.

Games and activities to help release mental tension, improve mood and attitude, stimulate the secretion of dopamine and other positive chemicals.

Yoga poses to improve coordination and circulation, build strength, flexibility, balance and focus, integrate left and right hemispheres.

Kids Yoga Guide uses MindBody Online Registration site for classes.  Please go to www.kidsyogaguide.com/signup to register for classes.  Kids will need to have their OWN account set up on MIndBody Online for classes with Kids Yoga Guide at Mudra Yoga Studios.  Adults taking classes at the same time as kids classes, need to register for themselves via the Mudra MindBody Online system. Kids Yoga Guide is a business operating within the Mudra Yoga Studio space. In order to be successful this is part of the process. Thanks for your support and understanding!

What to bring! Bring yourself and your kid’s, water, and your own mat if you have one. Otherwise, mats are here for you. Please do not have your kids bring outside toys, electronics or anything that would distract them from learning and playing in Yoga!

What to expect: To have fun! Be Open minded! Go with the flow! Listen to your Kids! Let the teacher lead kids and you! Tear/Laughter, anything that goes with kids, do not expect silence, or your kids to be any different than they already are!

Kids Yoga Guide Rates & Class Packages

Bogo buy 1 get one free and 10% off on a 5 or 10 class package on your first visit!

The bogo is not be shared among siblings.

Regular packages can be shared among siblings.

$15 drop in = 1 kid or 1 parent/adult combo in family & toddler class (Parents are free)

$6 drop in for additional adult or child (3rd person)  good only for Parent & Toddler classes (available to purchase at studio only)

$65 for 5 class package expires in 6 months

$120 for 10 class package expires in 6 months

Classes can be purchased at yoga studio

Class Packages CAN be shared among siblings only, NOT transferable to other families, OR adult classes at Mudra.

Classes are Non Refundable!

Class Descriptions

Baby Yoga: 6wks- crawling

Parents or any caregiver (nannies, grandparents) bring their baby to class at the age of 6 weeks to crawlers.  Yoga for babies consists of stretching and massage for baby with fun songs and runs about half the class.  Then it’s time for the parent to get in their practice. Some yoga is better than no yoga, and we have found over 10 years, that moms/parents really love this part.

Parent and Toddler Yoga: 1-5 year olds

Once a child is walking (really moving crawlers welcome), they are considered a toddler.  Toddlers love to move and be active. We start with fun songs and movement for the kids for the first half of class and then it’s time for the parent to get in their practice. We bring out toys for the kiddos and your get to practice and model to them what yoga is all about.

Kids Yoga: 3-10 year olds (Drop off ok, some classes have Adult yoga at the same time, some you can stay and play!)

Children ages 3 to 10 years will enjoy breathing, activities, games that include yoga poses.   This age group really enjoys yoga, it’s so much fun. They get to be silly, act like animals and trees, and be themselves. These kids love yoga with the right teacher who makes it fun!

Tweens – 8 to 13 year olds   

This age group is at a developmental stage that can understand and enjoy the poses, which are taught more like regular yoga class and yet we still bring in fun and games, it is entertaining, so they will want to do it again.

Teens – 13 to 16 year olds

Teaching teens is much like teaching adults, but with special consideration of what may be happening in their lives. The changes in their hormones, the need to fit in with their friends, and other physical issues, such as awkwardness, peer pressure, and feelings towards authority.

Family Yoga: 2-99 years old!  Baby to Kids and Parents too!

Anything goes here, it depends on the age group of who shows up. We teach classes that have both babies and 7 year olds. The parents get to experience yoga with the kids and enjoy the process of seeing them move and grow and have fun with yoga. Parents don’t expect  a full practice for you, it is more of an opportunity to share the gifts of yoga with your kids, and share in the yogic lifestyles together.

Check out our FAQ’s by clicking here.

Buy One Get One

$ 15
For New Clients only!
  • Enjoy two classes for the price of one! 10% off your first packages too!
BOGO $15

Drop in Class

$ 15
Reserve your Kids Spot online
  • Good for 1 class for kids (1 Child + FREE Adult)
Drop In Class $15

5 Class package

$ 65
Save $10
  • Save $10 Classes expire in 6 months

10 Class Package

$ 120
  • * Best Deal * $120 = Save $30 Classes expire in 6 months