How to Roar in Lion Pose

Pounce into lion pose with kids yoga where there is no limit to your imagination.

Animal yoga for kids is the best way to energize your body and mind. Lion pose is the fiercest hatha yoga posture for kids around. After all, the Lion is known as the King of Beasts. He is the leader of the pride and the protector of the wild. He sleeps throughout the day and hunts at night.

When you practice a lion pose you will become like a wild lion. Your hands will grow in to paws and your tailbone will sprout a tail. You will have a shaggy mane and a very loud ROAR!

So unleash the King of Beasts inside of yourself with a kids yoga practice.

Lion yoga pose for kids

Do you need to brush up on your roar? Now you can when you practice yoga for kids. So get out your yoga gear and comb your fur, it’s time to practice the lion pose.

Learn how to roar with these three simple steps:

  1. Begin on all fours. Tuck your toes underneath you. Sit back on your heels into hero pose.
  2. INHALE. Clench your entire body tightly. Make fists with your hands. Bunch your shoulders up to your ears. Scrunch your face and your nose.
  3. EXHALE. Pounce forward onto all fours. Press your paws down into the mat. Roll your eyes up to the ceiling. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and ROAR!

Practice the lion yoga pose for kids three times. Roar louder and louder each time.After your last pounce, sink your bum back towards your heels, and rest into child pose. Take a few breaths to slow down your heart rate. Notice how your body feels after playing in lion pose.

Do you feel calmer?

Do you feel more energetic?

Does your throat tingle?

Whatever you feel is okay. Remember this fun yoga exercise for kids the next time you feel an itch to roar. Every yogi kid needs to play the King of Beasts now and then.

Kids yoga benefits

Being loud is one of the reasons that lion pose is so fun. But, did you know that there are more benefits to practicing kids yoga?

Lion pose is a powerful way to:

  • release physical and nervous tension
  • build self-confidence and communication
  • increase blood flow to eyes, ears, and nose

Even the sound of the lion’s roar has benefits. It opens up your throat and sends soothing vibrations through your body.The coolest part about the kids yoga is that you can awaken the animal within. Just tell mom and dad that being loud and hairy is healthy – it’s like eating vegetables.

Namaste Super Yogi!

Kristen McCarthy is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga teacher and creator of

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As a Leo, I obviously love Lion Pose, and I find it’s usually one of my students top favorite poses each week! Awaken your inner Lion!