Casey and Grace on Mothers Day!

Being a mom is a full-time job and yoga is the perfect way to let go of stress. Something you can try anywhere are deep breathing techniques. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and relax your hands. I recommend basic “breath of fire” breathing, where you breathe rapidly through the nose with equal emphasis on your inhales and exhales. You could even combine this with some of the best CBD oil in UK, or wherever you are, for a really relaxing experience that helps you to refocus your energies where they will be most useful so that you can get through your day.

Certain partner poses, such as boat pose, moms can do with their children depending on their size. My BendiGirl DVD is great for moms and kids to do together!

Yoga helps moms stay connected through the breathing, stretching and focus. It’s like an automatic reset button that forces you to slow down, and give back to yourself. Moms care for everyone else all day long, and it’s super important and beneficial to take time to practice self-care!

Yoga helps physically by decompressing tight, tense shoulders, backs and necks after a long day of doing “mom chores” or holding children. It’s an amazing thing to have as a retreat that allows women to just “be” for a moment in time.

As a beginner, you can practice at home with DVDs, if it’s hard for you to find time to make a class. Start with a basics DVD and master those poses before moving onto something more challenging. My own power yoga is broken down into segments so even if you only have 10 minutes, you can complete a portion!

If you’re a mom, take the time out to do yoga while the kids are asleep or at school. If you have the luxury to get to a studio or a gym where they offer basic or intro to yoga classes that is great too!

The inner and outer strength you build through yoga will help you become a powerful, peaceful mom!
by Kristin McGee
Casey’s Comments

My yoga practice is so important for me as a mom to be able to be present for my daughter and my business. I do often practice at home when my daughter is in bed, occasionally I make it to classes, and mostly I squeeze it in when I can. Yoga is a must in my life, I hope it is in yours as well. Share with us how you get in your yoga practice.