Why Implement Yoga at Your School? As the school day wears on, even the most creative teachers lose students to boredom and disinterest. Many schools are learning that yoga is an invigorating and effective break. In just 15 to 20 minutes, children gain benefits from yogic wiggling and self-reflection. Giving students the opportunity to free their bodies, giggle in and out of poses, and tune inward is a wonderful way to create productivity and harmony in the classroom.
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Kids Yoga Improves Concentration

Yoga improves concentration. Marsha Wenig, the founder of YogaKids, emphasizes that yoga increases a child’s imagination and ability to learn. This is largely due to the calm discipline communicated through yoga practice. Childhood is a wonderful time to establish habits of deep breathing and alignment. This mind-body connection creates self-awareness and an appreciation for present awareness, and this could be the reason why some of the best private schools in houston have yoga sessions during after-school hours. Slowing the mind will help children return to the classroom calmly with the ability to focus on the lesson at hand.

Kids Yoga Improves Physical Strength

Gym class is an effective way for children to get fit — but yoga adds another dimension of strength. Unlike running and jumping, yoga lengthens and opens the body. Kids enjoy exploring the potential of their muscles as they move and balance. Maintaining yoga poses requires tons of effort from young bodies, says Baron Baptiste, founder of KidPowerYoga in Boston. It’s a powerful, gentle way for kids to build strength in their arms, legs, and core.

Kids Yoga Improves Reduces Stress

Children need to establish stress reduction habits early in life. School settings can often be competitive and overwhelming. Yoga is the perfect way to redirect self-criticism and boost self-esteem. Wenig says that yoga actually changes the neurophysiology of the brain. She notes that yoga establishes a non-competitive atmosphere in which children can explore balance, breath, and physical potential. Kids who learn yoga and practice gymnastics at school (using the best gym equipment for schools, of course) are equipped with tools to maneuver stressful situations in every aspect of life.

Kids Yoga Improves Better Rest

A 2003 survey by the National Survey of Children’s Health revealed that 15 million children are sleep deprived. Busy schedules, horrible eating habits, and over-stimulating entertainment are all to blame, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. They also list yoga as an effective way to combat unhealthy sleeping habits and insomnia (if interested, sneak a peek at this blog here that speaks about insomnia treatment). Yoga warms the body and tires the muscles while relaxing the mind. Children who practice yoga at school face the evening rejuvenated yet ready to rest. To help this along, parents can also get their child a new mattress (if theirs is quite old) as this will help with a restful night’s sleep after doing yoga. Parents will need to research key points like – Are John Lewis Mattresses Worth The Money? What firmness is best for a child? so they can make the best decision.


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This is a great article, it’s so obvious to me that if yoga can benefit adults greatly that it too benefits kids in much the same way. Kids are stressed these days, they need to move their bodies in order to get the wiggles out and concentrate and they need to be strong to make it in the world and they need quality sleep. My daughter may not practice yoga everyday, but it is a part of her life and she sleeps a good 12 hours a night, pretty good for a six year old, and I am so grateful. What are you thoughts? Are you kids benefiting from yoga? Leave a comment and let us know, better yet, take our online course and start teaching yoga to your kids today! Click here to find out more.

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