Kids Yoga is often practiced in a circle, do you know why? Do you practice in a circle in your adult yoga classes. I believe we should, or at least face each other, I know some teachers who do this.

The reason we practice Kids Yoga in a circle is to create a sense of community, of oneness, connection to each other and to the practice. Kids love to look at each other, see what everyone else is doing and it is in their nature to copy each other.

I love watching and playing with the kids as they observe each other, mimic me and each other. You can see their openness and willingness to try new things, and experienment with the poses and games. Sometimes I wish the adults I know would cultivate these qualities too. 😉

I would love to hear your thoughts about practicing in a circle, whether it’s with the kids, your friends, or in studios or classes. Let us know by leaving a comment below. To see a full Kids Yoga Class in a circle.. click here to sign up for a FREE “Super” Fun Online Kids Yoga Class with ME!