by Mellisa Dormoy

The balloon breathe is a deep breathing technique based on ancient yogic breathing (and correct breathing). The technique is simple to do and share with your children. It simply consists of a repetition of 3-5 deep breaths that fill up the tummy with air completely, like a big balloon.  Inhaling, take in a deep breath and fill up the stomach completely, making sure the tummy fills. Then, as you exhale, feel the tummy deflate as if you were letting the air out of a balloon.

Many people continually breathe very shallow with the air only flowing into the chest but not deep breathing. Deep breathing such as the balloon breath fills the cells with oxygen and recharges your battery. It signals to your body that all is well. The balloon breath is an extremely easy relaxation technique taught in many ShambalaKids cds for quick relaxation. It can practiced anywhere and at anytime. Children will love this easy visualization that brings instant calm!

Happy Breathing…


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