We all know for our self that practicing yoga outside adds a new dimension to our Taking kids outside for yogapractice. Being in nature (or even a park) connects us more deeply with the outer world. We get energy from the elements: vitamin D from the sun, fresh cooling oxygen from the wind, plus a grounding effect created from the electricity conducted between bare feet and the earth. Nature is a great healer so everyone should spend more time outside when they can, even if it’s just in your own garden. Invest in teak garden furniture uk so that you have somewhere nice to sit, and just enjoy your surroundings.

It’s no wonder kids love being outside (and shoeless!), it’s feels good and it’s healthy! This summer is the perfect time to take a group of kids outside for a class, play yoga freeze tag, do handstands against a tree, downward dog against a rock, or simply take a walk and explore all the beauties of our world. Let the bright sun and green grass (or sand) encourage yoga exploration on the inside and outside! The best place to conduct this activity would be in your own backyard, since anything additional things that you might need, like yoga mats or extra water, would be right inside the house. However, before the kids start running around in your yard, you must ensure that you have mowed your lawn or hired professionals for yard maintenance services so that your lawn is trimmed, fresh and safe for the kids to play in.

Grateful for the World

Taking the time to practice outside adds to ones sense of gratitude and connection with the world. It’s always fun to be inside doing downward dog or cat/cows, however, being outside, gives kids a visual representation of the poses they’re doing.

If there are tall mountains in the environment, they can see how big and full each mountain stands while holding their self-up in tadasana (mountain pose). If the sun is shining, they can practice sun salutations, feeling the light of the sun shining down and offering its energy. If you have done some backyard farming in your garden, they can try feeling the miracles of the earth by laying down in Shavasana (lying-down pose). Maybe there are dogs or cats passing by, birds flying across the sky, or squirrels climbing up trees. Perhaps there are horses, cows, and pigs, or dolphins and turtles.

Practicing outside is not only fun, it connects kids to their environment in a deep way. You could also add a paddling pool to your backyard to make outdoor activities more enjoyable for your child. The best thing about outdoor paddling pools for kids is that they allow them to play in the backyard while also keeping them cool during the summer. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you might consider factors such as How Much Does it Cost to Fill a Paddling Pool. Nevertheless, it should be noted that water activities can boost your child’s flexibility and stamina while also deepening their connection to the environment.

We all know from when we were kids… when we jumped around, played in the water, or barked like a dog, we weren’t just “doing yoga,” we were actually being a dog with our body and imagination. That connection is very real and sticks with us!

Ideas for Kids Yoga Outside

There are infinite opportunities to practice in amazing outdoor environments. If you’re limited on time and space just taking 20 minutes to teach your kids a few poses in the backyard can be a fun way to connect with your kids. If you have a full day it might be an inspiring opportunity to go on a hike or go to the zoo. Ask you kids (and do it with them if you’re brave) to pose like the animals they see! They’ll build a deeper connection with the animals and natural beauty of our planet while learning and building strength in their body.

Whether you’re in the backyard, a park, at the zoo, or on a hike, yoga can be incorporated to help our kids create and connect with a beautiful world!

Here is an easy way for you and your kids to practice yoga outside this summer! Join Kids Yoga Guide creator Casey Feicht and some of her trained Yoga teachers for Yoga Rocks the Park! 😉 Parents practice grown up yoga and Kids practice kids yoga, each in their own area of the park. Click on the link above for more details.