Going Deeper Module 4

Going Deeper in Mindfulness & Yoga for Kids with Special Needs Module 4 includes two, 2.5 hr workshops breakout sessions on Special Needs and Teaching Mindfulness to the next generations. These can be taken individually or together. They are a part of module 4 for people who have completed the First 3 modules and have...

13 May2016May 13, 2016

Kids Yoga with Special Needs:

Kids Yoga with Special Needs: Covering various abilities, from ADHD, Autism, physical, mental, anxiety, dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder and more.. In this continuing education training we will cover in depth, Practices, Breathwork, Setting intentions, Affirmations, Meditations, Tools, Resources. The 2.5 hour continuing education trainings in Module 4 can taken alone without the entire weekend training...