21 Apr2011April 21, 2011

5 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga ~ Thanks Babble ~

1: Yoga builds strength Yoga builds strength”One of the best things about yoga is it makes you stronger all over,” says Santa Monica YogaWorks instructor Julie Jacobs. You’ll need that strength in your lower body to carry the added pregnancy weight and compensate for changes in balance. And you’ll need it in your upper body...

14 Apr2011April 14, 2011

How Prenatal Yoga Changed My Life (For A While)

Posted by Rebecca I was never really into yoga. Well, I liked the idea of yoga. But the reality? Before I was pregnant, yoga class was an aspirational experience.I am many things, but Stretch Armstrong isn’t one of them. Thus I would spend a good portion of most classes being “adjusted” by teachers with varying...

03 Jan2011January 3, 2011

Yoga Prepares Mothers for Today and Tomorrow

Pregnancy and motherhood are journeys we sign onto for a lifetime.  Think of the last journey you planned.  How did you prepare?  Did you read a book about your destination?  Did you contemplate what to pack?  Maybe, if the journey was physical you started training. Imagine preparing for this journey being surrounded by a group...