05 Nov2010November 5, 2010

Asana Built for Two

Want to make yoga a family affair? Here’s a sequence to get you started. By Andrea Ferretti, sequence by Kate Roades There’s never a dull—or quiet—moment in Kate Roades’s yoga classes for kids. “Oh, it’s never silent,” she says, adding that chatting, laughter, and audible groans are the norm. Just recently a little student quipped...

30 Oct2010October 30, 2010

Fun with Halloween Kids Yoga Poses

Young children love Halloween. They get to dress up as their favorite character, stay up late and go door to door collecting candy. Most parents might also love browsing through sites like hellhorror.com and setting up horror movies for their children to watch at night. Now, adding Halloween Yoga to the mix helps to make...

28 Oct2010October 28, 2010

Busy Moms! Stop the Craziness by Doing Yoga

Yoga is an amazing transformative process! Join me for classes, coaching, workshops and me, learn more… Because we live in a world where feeling stressed is inevitable, a lot of mothers get tired and worn out juggling and balancing their roles. Aside from having a day job, mothers also have to see to it that...

19 Oct2010October 19, 2010

Catch Them When They Are Young: Yoga For Kids

Today’s kids are under so much stress right from school and in facing their parents and peers. Your child has to meet lot of deadlines and pressures right from homework to extracurricular activities to tuition and excel classes in Denver or elsewhere. And like the adults in their life, a lot of kids today are...

05 Oct2010October 5, 2010

Prenatal Yoga DVD Instruction

Casey’s comments! I highly recommend you attend a prenatal Yoga class when expecting or trying to expect a little one. I teach on Tuesdays at Belly Bliss at 10:30am and Saturdays at 11 am. Join me. First class FREE! But if you can’t make it to a class take the recommendation from this article.. there...

07 Sep2010September 7, 2010

Yoga Can Help with Your Kids’ Headaches — and Yours, Too!

by Jill Miller | August 30th, 2010 | Comments (1) topic: Fitness, Health & Wellness, Yoga Yoga yields many rewards. People will often start a practice of yoga because they hear it’s good for back pain, insomnia or for postural imbalances. But months down the road, they realize that they no longer get headaches or...

01 Sep2010September 1, 2010

Yoga Postures For Kids – The King of Beasts

How to Roar in Lion Pose Pounce into lion pose with kids yoga where there is no limit to your imagination. Animal yoga for kids is the best way to energize your body and mind. Lion pose is the fiercest hatha yoga posture for kids around. After all, the Lion is known as the King of Beasts. He...

24 Aug2010August 24, 2010

Burrito Pose (Video)

This video has moved to the Kids Yoga Guide Membership site… click here to find out more. This was in one of my classes, I love eating burritos! 😉

23 Aug2010August 23, 2010

Kids Yoga ~ I am a brave warrior!

This video has moved to the Kids Yoga Guide Membership site… click here to find out more. An Amazing Kids Yoga Teacher, Christen and I am leading a Kids Yoga Teacher Training, here she is in action with my daughter Grace on her left! 😉 So fun!