27 Jan2011January 27, 2011

Yoga Flexible Fun for Autistic Children

Yoga instructor Nicole Calvano photographed at her home in East Brunswick. (Mary Iuvone / For The Times) By For The Times | NJ.com PLAINSBORO – Nicole Calvano, smiling serenely and exuding limitless patience, sat the small gathering of children and parents in a circle. Calvano, 28, of East Brunswick, yoga instructor and passionate advocate for...

22 Jan2011January 22, 2011

Mommy and Me – Bond with your baby and get a workout

Sure, it’s important to find time to exercise after the birth of your baby. But it can be hard to tear yourself away from the amazing new being in your life. Mary Beth Knight, creator of the MommyMuscle Restore The Core DVD and a mother of two, designed the following workout so that you don’t...

21 Jan2011January 21, 2011

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth DVD Review

We love this video. It’s eclectic with an amazing mix of yoga poses, the fascinating story of Ganesha, and the experience of yoga for a child’s point of view. The art is appealing,  the cultural values are present. Sharing the asanas (postures) in three languages is truly a gift,  it obvious the children are enjoying...

11 Jan2011January 11, 2011

Yoga Helps Kids Unwind and Get a Good Nights Sleep

Bedtime is often one of the most stressful times of the day for families. Kids are bouncing off the walls on their second wind, parents are exhausted, parents of kids in bedrooms are attempting to take technology out of the room to help them sleep, and the clock says it’s past time to be asleep....

06 Jan2011January 6, 2011

Kids Yoga- Meditation

Teaching basic meditating and focus to the child. Asking the child to lie down or be seated & keep his/her eyes shut. Inviting the child to envisage a tranquil beautiful setting he/she remembers or invents. Encouraging the kid to remember smell, sight, sound, taste and sensation he/she experienced. Subsequent to 1-2 minutes, going about the...

07 Oct2010October 7, 2010

Yoga for Kids–Now Proven Effective!

Experience of yoga meets experimentation of the West at SYTAR. By Mira Binzen In The Yoga Tradition, Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D., describes the ancient sages as “seers (rishi) who ‘saw’ the truth, who perceived with the inner eye the hidden reality behind the smokescreen of manifest existence.” Today’s discerning Westerner wants a little more proof. We...

04 Oct2010October 4, 2010

Yoga is physical activity that helps Kids choose healthier foods

Written by Emily Kennedy- Toronto Children’s Diet and Exercise Examiner Children who practice yoga are better able to regulate their emotions, manage stress and calm themselves. Studies now show that they may also choose better foods to eat and engage in more physical activity than children who do not. It seems simple. Many children who are...