12 Jan2011January 12, 2011

The Single Mom Yoga Project

In the February issue of Marie Claire, Michelle Williams testifies to the healing power of yoga. She tells the mag that the practice helped her cope with the 2008 death of ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger and become a better mother to their daughter Matilda: “Yoga gave me relief like nothing else; it made me a better...

04 Jan2011January 4, 2011

Cold outside? Indoor Activities for Kids- Yoga!

He’s trained NFL stars and top Hollywood celebrities, but at today’s Child photo shoot, Boston-based yoga guru Baron Baptiste faces a different type of tough customer: rows of 4- to 8-year-olds from local public schools, all ready to twist themselves into poses with names like Warrior and Downward Dog. And this is no group of...

11 Dec2010December 11, 2010

The Balloon Breath Relaxation Technique

by Mellisa Dormoy The balloon breathe is a deep breathing technique based on ancient yogic breathing (and correct breathing). The technique is simple to do and share with your children. It simply consists of a repetition of 3-5 deep breaths that fill up the tummy with air completely, like a big balloon.  Inhaling, take in a...

18 Sep2010September 18, 2010

Kids Yoga Fun!

Found this picture on Yoga Dork’s website… couldn’t help but post! 😉

11 Sep2010September 11, 2010

Top 10 Tips For Teaching Kids Yoga

By Donna K Freeman Kids yoga has become increasingly popular as of late. However, many yoga instructors find themselves at a loss when faced with their first yoga class for kids. The instructors know the poses, how to develop flow sequences, various pranayama exercises, and how to perform adjustments. However, they now have a group...

29 Aug2010August 29, 2010

Kids Yoga – A Viable Option for Busy Parents

In some geographic areas, such as southern California, there is an abundance of Yoga classes for children. While in some other areas, there is no choice at all. In New England, you would be lucky to find one Yoga class for children, within any town, if you travel outside of Boston or Providence. Of course,...

23 Aug2010August 23, 2010

Kids Yoga: A Solution to Global Obesity in Children

Kids Yoga: A Solution to Global Obesity in Children August 23nd, 2010 | Kids, Yoga Kids Yoga: A Solution to Global Obesity in Children 15.10.2008 | Author: JACKIE | Posted in Yoga Two topics that most people are tired of hearing about are obesity and childhood obesity. The problem is we will not find solutions...