09 Apr2012April 9, 2012

Kids Meditation and Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is ones ability to take responsibility for their emotions, channeling that energy into positive choices. Simply put, self-regulation is the psychological science term for self-control. The ability to self-regulate is a core strength, essential for healthy emotional development. As infants and young children we depend on others to regulate our needs, such as eating,...

06 Feb2011February 6, 2011

Kids Yoga Supports ~ Mommy Bootcamp ~ Back to Basics

What? You didn’t know it was going to be like this? Is this not what you signed up for? Of course it’s not! That’s the whole point! Mothering is something much more than any of us could imagine. There is more joy, more sorrow, more happiness, more frustration, more pride and more life lessons than...