01 Apr2013April 1, 2013

Wise words for a true Kids Yoga Master! (Video)

Wise words for a true Kids Yoga Master! Creator Casey Feicht has a special guest today sharing wise words.  This true Kids Yoga student shares hers wisdom on obtaining peace! httpv://youtu.be/IjjzSX08qdc Grace guides you through three ways to experience PEACE! Meditate Sit still ????? watch and see!

20 Mar2013March 20, 2013

Puppetji Video ~ Kids who love Yoga know why!

Puppetji answers life’s most proplexing questions! Learn to share wisdom like this with Kids by check out our Self Paced Online Kids Yoga Teacher Training, by clicking here! Watch for Wise wisdom that any kids who understand yoga could tell you! httpv://youtu.be/YDtcmqpB37s Just enjoy your life here, now! Puppetji says “BUT HAVE YOU LAUGHED TODAY? It...

27 Feb2013February 27, 2013

Guess where we are practicing Kids Yoga? Cute VIDEO!

Guess where we are practicing Kids Yoga? I am raising a little marketing yogi, she loves Kids Yoga, and we want to see if you can figure out where we are. You can practice Kids Yoga AnyWhere! As Grace mentions in the video, join us on Saturdays at 10:45-11:30 am for Kids Yoga, ages 3-8...

25 Feb2013February 25, 2013

Kids Yoga Guide support YogaKids™ Children’s TV Show Pilot

Wow, this is exciting, a Kids Yoga TV show! Finally quality production for our kids and their future! My first experience with Kids Yoga was with “YogaKids”, so I am excited to support this adventure by sharing it with you here. Contribute and help make the world a more peaceful place by supporting bring kids yoga...

20 Feb2013February 20, 2013

Watch the Video of last nights Kids Yoga Teachers Hangout!

Watch the video of last nights Kids Yoga Teachers Hangout! We had a blast last night talking about the reason to share Kids Yoga with Kids! Check it out and find out the benefits for yourself! 😉 Thanks Ruth (click on her name to learn about her Family Yoga classes) and Whitney ( who is teaching on...

19 Feb2013February 19, 2013

Kids Yoga Spring Break Camp Gratitude

Kids Yoga Guide, Casey Feicht, and her team of teachers will guide your kids through this fun week. At Camp Gratitude your kids will… Confidence & Creativity through theatrical games and signing Peace through yoga, meditation and yogic breathing Self-Expression through dance, music and drum circle World Awareness through stories, mandalas and play Growing gratitude...

12 Feb2013February 12, 2013

Valentine Day Kids Yoga Resources ~ Lesson Plans and Mandala

 Valentine Day Kids Yoga Resources Lesson Plans and Mandala   This year you can find lesson plans at YogaKids.com. Check out their Valentines Lesson Plans which includes the Mandala to the left. And one of my favorites is YogaInMySchool.com, check out her article and lesson plan!

05 Feb2013February 5, 2013

Kids Yoga Teachers Google + Hangout! “First One Ever”!

Join us for the “First Ever” Kids Yoga Teachers Google + Hangout! Have you heard of Google? Google+? Hangouts? Well, if you have a Gmail account then you have easy access to create a Google+ profile. This is essentially googles variations of Facebook! Why is it so popular? Well Google essentially runs the internet world,...

24 Jan2013January 24, 2013

More Kids Yoga in the Media! (Video)

More Kids Yoga in the Media! (Video) Check out this TV interview with Shakta Khalsa at Radiant Child Yoga. Shakta was my first Kids Yoga trainer and I feel so blessed to be able to share kids yoga with the world! 😉