Free Family & Kids Yoga & Tween/Teen Yoga in Denver this weekend!

Free classes this weekend! Register here and join us for the fun! As part of our Kids Yoga Teacher Training we are offering a FREE Family/Partner Yoga & StoryTelling Yoga this Saturday!!!  Best for kids/families 7-99. Bring you kids, and join us as we enjoy sharing Super Fun Partner Poses together and learn how to...

16 May2016May 16, 2016

Why do Kids Practice Yoga in Circles?

Kids Yoga is often practiced in a circle, do you know why? Do you practice in a circle in your adult yoga classes. I believe we should, or at least face each other, I know some teachers who do this. The reason we practice Kids Yoga in a circle is to create a sense of...

19 Feb2013February 19, 2013

Kids Yoga Spring Break Camp Gratitude

Kids Yoga Guide, Casey Feicht, and her team of teachers will guide your kids through this fun week. At Camp Gratitude your kids will… Confidence & Creativity through theatrical games and signing Peace through yoga, meditation and yogic breathing Self-Expression through dance, music and drum circle World Awareness through stories, mandalas and play Growing gratitude...

12 Feb2013February 12, 2013

Valentine Day Kids Yoga Resources ~ Lesson Plans and Mandala

 Valentine Day Kids Yoga Resources Lesson Plans and Mandala   This year you can find lesson plans at YogaKids.com. Check out their Valentines Lesson Plans which includes the Mandala to the left. And one of my favorites is YogaInMySchool.com, check out her article and lesson plan!

17 Jan2013January 17, 2013

Want to Share in the Kids Yoga Fun? Family Yoga in Denver!

I am excited to share with you that my friend  and Kids Yoga Teacher, Ruth Sharon (who went through my teacher training) is now holding monthly class Yoga classes for families. Mark your calendars ~  4th Sunday of each month Jan.-May 1-2 pm, starting Jan. 27. Download the family yoga classes flyer to put on your refrigerator and...

03 Jan2013January 3, 2013

Free Kids Classes in Denver this weekend!

FREE KIDS YOGA classes!  As part of the Kids Yoga Teacher Training we are offering free classes this weekend and the 19/20th! Kids Yoga Teacher Trainee’s will be observing Casey and teaching your little ones! They are bound to have a great time. Best for Kids 4-10 years old.. however, ALL are welcome! 😉 Parents can...

29 Aug2012August 29, 2012

Kids Yoga in the Park ~ What a great summer! (Video)

It’s been an amazing and quick summer! My daughter just started 1st Grade this week, and I am amazed that the summer has come and gone already! Most Sundays we spend our time practicing yoga in the park!  Kids Yoga Guide was honored to be a Sponsor for Yoga Rocks the Park! When not at...

09 Aug2012August 9, 2012

Osani ~ A Kids Yoga Circle Game

Osani, The Circle Game The picture was found on a greeting card that I found while living in Los Angeles. I swear I think I bought 5 or 6 copies and gave them to important people in my life. I was (and still am) drawn to this card, I am drawn to everything it stands...

12 Jun2012June 12, 2012

Happy Father’s Day: M&M Kids Yoga Game

My Dad’s favorite candy is M&M’s. Growing up we always had a jar of them sitting on the kitchen counter. But that jar was not to be touched by us children. That jar was saved for my Dad and my Dad only. Some nights after we finished eating dinner my two brothers and I would...

28 May2012May 28, 2012

Kids Yoga Guide shares Peace, Love & Happiness this Memorial Day!

Kids Yoga Guide Peace, Love & Happiness this Memorial Day On this Memorial Day our suggestion is to draw our awareness to the aspect of peace, rather than focusing on any negative effects of war. Let us share with our children the hope that there will be no need for war in our future. By...