19 Jan2011January 19, 2011

Already teaching Kids Yoga?

I have a few questions for you? Are you a yoga teacher? Do you Love Kids? Already teaching kids in the school system? Teaching Kids Yoga? Do you find yourself running out of ideas on how to keep the kids engaged? Feeling challenged with classroom room management? If you answered yes to any of the...

16 Jan2011January 16, 2011

This Little Light Of Mine – Toddler Yoga- Video

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttlSTpDvQps This is from my Monday classes at Belly Bliss at 10am. Try this at home, or if your in the Denver area, join us. This is a great song to get kids singing, working on fine motor skills, and using their breathe. Namaste & Play

15 Jan2011January 15, 2011

Benefits of Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga complements Baby Massage wonderfully. Although a relatively new concept to the US, Baby Yoga has been practiced in other cultures for hundreds of years. In India, it is traditional for new born babies to receive a daily massage and some yoga from birth. Everyone knows that parenting can be hard, especially when the...

13 Jan2011January 13, 2011

7 year old Kid Yogi on Fox news

Story link: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com Casey’s Comment This is incredible, my daughter Grace often says she wants to teach my classes as well. At five, we will have to wait and she what develops over the next few years. Namaste & Play!

09 Jan2011January 9, 2011

An A+ for School Yoga for Kids

By now, most of us in the green-minded community (and beyond!) are well-versed in the mental and physical health benefits of yoga: A regular practice increases flexibility, strength, posture, and even lung capacity (thanks to the emphasis on deep breathing), and decreases feelings of stress, irritability, anxiety, and depression. When done mindfully and with the...

07 Jan2011January 7, 2011

Busy Moms Stay In Shape With Yoga!

There are a lot of people who are crazy about yoga. The reason why most people do yoga is that it makes them feel better and in shape. The different poses and postures make their body healthy. Yoga for most is the best way to relax and unwind. If you want to keep your body...

04 Jan2011January 4, 2011

Cold outside? Indoor Activities for Kids- Yoga!

He’s trained NFL stars and top Hollywood celebrities, but at today’s Child photo shoot, Boston-based yoga guru Baron Baptiste faces a different type of tough customer: rows of 4- to 8-year-olds from local public schools, all ready to twist themselves into poses with names like Warrior and Downward Dog. And this is no group of...

12 Nov2010November 12, 2010

So Many Benefits to Kids Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise, meditation, and breathing practices with Indian roots designed to bring unity to the mind, body, and spirit. Adults have vouched for yoga for years, saying it makes them feel better physically, enhances their ability to concentrate, and brings tranquility to their lives. Now parents and yoga instructors are looking...

05 Nov2010November 5, 2010

Asana Built for Two

Want to make yoga a family affair? Here’s a sequence to get you started. By Andrea Ferretti, sequence by Kate Roades There’s never a dull—or quiet—moment in Kate Roades’s yoga classes for kids. “Oh, it’s never silent,” she says, adding that chatting, laughter, and audible groans are the norm. Just recently a little student quipped...