25 Jan2011January 25, 2011

Kids Yoga Book- Dogi the Yogi

Dogi the Yogi is a cute book that captures kids attention. Kids naturally love their dogs and to see Dogi the Yogi doing all their favorite pose, encourages them to join along. I use this book often with my  5 year old and also in my kids yoga classes. All kids love this book! I...

21 Jan2011January 21, 2011

Yogiños: Yoga for Youth DVD Review

We love this video. It’s eclectic with an amazing mix of yoga poses, the fascinating story of Ganesha, and the experience of yoga for a child’s point of view. The art is appealing,  the cultural values are present. Sharing the asanas (postures) in three languages is truly a gift,  it obvious the children are enjoying...

16 Jan2011January 16, 2011

This Little Light Of Mine – Toddler Yoga- Video

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttlSTpDvQps This is from my Monday classes at Belly Bliss at 10am. Try this at home, or if your in the Denver area, join us. This is a great song to get kids singing, working on fine motor skills, and using their breathe. Namaste & Play

13 Jan2011January 13, 2011

7 year old Kid Yogi on Fox news

Story link: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com Casey’s Comment This is incredible, my daughter Grace often says she wants to teach my classes as well. At five, we will have to wait and she what develops over the next few years. Namaste & Play!

10 Jan2011January 10, 2011

Making it Personal – Helping Kids Understand the Power of Yoga is Key to Commitment

Helping children to understand why they are learning yoga is critical to gaining their buy-in and long-term commitment to the practice.  Yes, it is fun.  But, it’s also very beneficial for over all health and well-being. Knowing a little bit about your students will help you provide the appropriate answer to the question, “Why should...

09 Jan2011January 9, 2011

An A+ for School Yoga for Kids

By now, most of us in the green-minded community (and beyond!) are well-versed in the mental and physical health benefits of yoga: A regular practice increases flexibility, strength, posture, and even lung capacity (thanks to the emphasis on deep breathing), and decreases feelings of stress, irritability, anxiety, and depression. When done mindfully and with the...

02 Jan2011January 2, 2011


The following New Year tips are from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Please feel free to use them in any print or broadcast story, with appropriate attribution of source. Preschoolers I will clean up my toys and put them where they belong. I will brush my teeth twice a day, and wash my hands...

13 Dec2010December 13, 2010

P.E. with a twist: More schools offer yoga part 2

Still some fear, reluctance out there Written by Rebecca Jones Yoga isn’t new, of course. But many schools have been slow to adopt it into the physical education curriculum. “Years ago, there were protests about bringing yoga into the schools because people were afraid it was religious,” said Mara Rose, executive director of TWI. “But...

08 Dec2010December 8, 2010

Kids’ TV time linked to bad habits part 2

How does TV harm kids? Pagani’s study is merely the latest to call attention to the drawbacks of childhood TV-watching. A number of studies have linked too much TV to a range of negative effects in kids, including shorter attention spans, slower language acquisition, increased aggression, and weight gain. Experts have suggested several possible explanations...

07 Dec2010December 7, 2010

Kids’ TV time linked to bad habits part 1

By Amanda Gardner (Health.com) — Young children who watch a lot of TV aren’t just missing out on more stimulating activities. They may also be destined for problems at school and unhealthier habits later in life, new research suggests. Each additional hour of TV that toddlers watch per week translates into poorer classroom behavior, lower...