Spiritual Food: Clean Healthy Eating for Yogi Kids

Nutrition plays a large role in how we feel. Especially for growing children, it’s important to pay attention to how food affects their wellbeing. If you ever visit a healing retreat you’ll find that there are strict dietary guidelines before the ceremony and other activities, as they recognise the importance of the connection between mind, body and wellness. As a parent, you’re responsible for getting your child to eat healthy. It’s interesting to notice how much of our children’s energy (not to mention our own) revolves around eating. Spurts of energy and low-lines of tiredness and fatigue all relate to the foods put into our body. Providing our bodies and our kid’s bodies with healthy food supports balanced emotions, mental clarity, and physical nurturance and strength.

Beyond Health-food Craze: Giving Kids a Nature-based Diet

Undoubtedly, we’ve all heard about the benefits of healthy food. Recently nutrition has been a major factor of conversation both on the social level as well as in media and advertising. Health elixirs, cure-alls, and magical weight-loss systems have been on the rave among health enthusiasts for years. Supporters boast that their product will bring ultimate health to their buyers.

It’s interesting though… how quick many of us are to stock up on expensive elixirs and rare supplements while we have to muster up the time, money, and effort to prepare healthy balanced meals for our self and family. People will pay hundreds of dollars over a year for the newest super-food supplement while debating whether or not its worth paying an extra $2 for organic lettuce.

As a former elixir-crazed enthusiast, it took a friend to say to me “An apple doesn’t have to sell itself,” before I realized the healthiest food is shaped from seed and soil. That’s why it’s always a good idea to visit your family medicine doctor before trying to drastically change your kids’ diets – they can give you their professional advice on the best ways to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

Nurturing Our Child’s Spirit

What’s funny is kids have absolutely no interest in extravagant elixirs. They’re happy with apples and peanut butter or orange slices and bits of banana. Our natural taste buds are intelligent. It’s not until kids watch commercials and advertisements selling them something “better” that they have interest in empty food. Commercials and marketing have the same effect on kids as they do adults. All it takes is recognizing how advertisements play on your emotional quick-fix mentality and then focusing on what you truly need, such as healthy balanced foods.

Clean healthy food is without fillers and excess sugars. It is nutrition from the most basic elements: sun, water, soil, and air. When we encourage our kids to eat clean and healthy it feeds more than their physical body, it nurtures their spirit and connects them with the natural elements of our planet.

Yogi Kids Honoring Seed, Soil, and Spirit

Clean eating is part of the yogic lifestyle for both adults and kids. That doesn’t necessarily mean you and your kids have to be vegetarian, eat gluten-free cupcakes, or buy organic granola bars, although those things may benefit your family. You can serve a healthy cut of meat and a side of greens if that serves your child’s body best. The spiritual aspect comes from honoring the food entering the body.

It’s important for kids and adults to know what’s in their food. Teaching kids the basics of healthy eating will go a long way in their life. Supporting them by offering healthy snacks and balanced meals nourishes the very core of their being. If you are just beginning your journey into healthy eating, it can seem daunting at first, that’s why many parents opt for some form of meal delivery service to help guide them. It can be difficult to choose from the number of services available though, so you may find Home Chef vs Sun Basket helpful to make the decision.

Even more so, giving kids hands-on experience with gardening, going to farmers markets, visiting a botanical garden, or even just planting a few seeds in a pot, gives them the opportunity to witness how their food gets to the table and into their belly. Spiritual food for yogis of all ages isn’t defined by a strict diet. Choosing food that nurtures on all levels, body, mind, spirit, community, and planet, is the real basis for healthy abundant yogi kids.