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With Summer officially here the kids couldn’t be more excited! Fun in the sun, running in the sprinklers, picnics in the park, and all the outdoor activities you can think of that we never seem to get around to during the school year. Take the time this summer to encourage your children to truly appreciate the beautiful weather of the summer months. While you have left the kids playing their favourite YouTube videos on their computers, you should also make time to start planning what you will all be getting up to this summer. There’s so much time and so much choice when it comes to what you can get up to.

Take them on short & sweet nature hikes where they can surround themselves in that beauty Mother Nature has provided. Besides hikes, you can also install outdoor swing sets in your backyard. This could enable you to make your kids enjoy the beauty of the season. Remember, they could experience nature up close when they are outdoors. Additionally, you can drive the extra distance to a lake, pond or even the ocean as opposed to the local swimming pool, kids love nature. Of course, if you’ve had someone like California Pools build a pool on your property then this won’t be necessary but it would still make a nice trip! It’s amazing to watch your children’s creative minds flow when they find objects in nature and turn them into toys and games!

We are aware that every summer it seems as though we are well into the month of July before we have comfortably settled ourselves into our new daily routines. Getting into the swing of sleeping a little later, dropping the kids at day camp rather than school, and trying to keep straight all the differing days and times of the millions of activities the kids have chosen for the summer. Not to mention you’re likely now dealing with all of those summer pests in the house like wasps and flies and you’re probably looking for a site like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/texas/san-angelo/ to get them out of your hair. Nobody can relax with a wasp threatening to sting you every time you move! With all of that creating for quite a hectic June we have thought of yet another activity to add to your child’s new summer routine.

Salute the Sun this Summer

First thing each morning when your child gets out of bed encourage them say good morning to the sun! By saluting the sun we are teaching our children to appreciate the earth and everything that Mother Nature provides for us. It is also a very simple, easy and fun way to incorporate yoga into your child’s daily routine. Start small. 3 sun salutations every morning. Eventually your child will get into a habit, at that point you can decide to increase the sun salutations, bumping up to 5, 7, 9, etc. Dependent also on how much time you have to play with each morning. What’s even better than getting your children into this habit? Getting into this habit WITH your children. You may have your own morning yoga routine, which is great, just add this to what you already do, and if you don’t have a morning routine this is the perfect place to start. Can you think of a better way to start your day than spending quality time with your child, appreciating the sun, and honoring your body through yoga? We can’t!

If you need a little guidance in the correct sequencing of a sun salutation click here:


Here you can sign up for a Free Kids Yoga class and Casey will walk you and your child through a sun salutation as well as a really fun and Free, Kids Yoga Class!

Enjoy your summer.

Namaste & Play 🙂