Denver Language School
These sessions are designed to empower kids by helping them build self-confidence, respect others and develop an awareness for their own body and surroundings.While working at their own pace, they will learn yoga postures and breathing/relaxation techniques.

The classes will be a playful environment which include fun activities such as games, singing, and dancing. Kids will explore yoga postures, yoga games, song and move beyond the physical practice while learning to enjoy mind-body connection, deeper awareness and the ability to relax and de-stress through the “Fun” practice of yoga.

For more information contact Casey, Chief Play Officer at 415-475-YOGA [email protected]

DLS West Tuesdays  3-4 pm ~ March 6th – May 29th  Click here to register!

DLS East Fridays 2-3:15pm ~ March 9 – May 25th Click here to register!