Thriving Mamas Creator Jamie Winter is very excited and honored to have Casey Feicht, mom and entrepreneur, as her first Thriving Mama of 2011!

Casey has been through thick and thin and despite all the obstacles and challenges, she puts great emphasis on enjoying life, having fun and being a great mom. She is certainly an inspiration to me!

TM: Tell me a little bit about growing up and some of the challenges you faced early in your life.

CF: I grew up in Northern California and for the first 10 years of my childhood, struggled with severe asthma attacks.  These attacks led to a life of frightening hospital visits and numerous doctor appointments.  Instead of demoralizing me, this life threatening asthma inspired me to fight for freedom of breath and a happiness that has no end.

In addition to battling asthma at an early age, I battled with deep emotional issues during my college years.  After these deep encounters with myself, I overcame my issues with weight and addiction. I turned that experience into a learning opportunity, which ultimately spurred my interest in health and wellness. It is also one of the underlying reasons why I am currently leading a healthy life in body, mind and spirit.

TM: I am always inspired to hear of women who use the challenges in their life to learn and grow.

TM: How long have you been in the health industry?

CF: To date, I have over 20 years experience in the health & wellness industry. As a personal trainer and life coach, I have been consciously manifesting my dreams ever since starting this journey. In 2000, my passion for yoga became a reality, and I currently teach yoga in several prominent Denver studios to beings of all ages.

TM: How do you support people toward their own healthy lifestyle?

CF: With such a rich background in being able to understand difficult personal experiences, addiction issues, and the power of overcoming obstacles with a positive and healthy lifestyle, I developed my business called, “Fun and Healthy Lifestyles” (FHL).  The vision of FHL is to facilitate an expansion of consciousness that empowers and employs you to take positive action in your life.  I believe this life is a precious gift, and I have developed an innovative wellness approach, which combines the power of the seven Chakras, with life coaching and the practices of yoga. I believe that this combination creates the perfect balance to achieve personal transformation. Coaching comes naturally to me so I am able to confidently share the gifts of health with people of all ages and backgrounds.

TM: Any thoughts on balancing life and business?

CF: My overall mission in both life and business is to balance:
–    strengths (inspiring others to live a more meaningful life),
–    values (Radical Transformation),
–    passions (Happiness, really deep and laughable fun connections).

TM: I know you have a love for kids yoga, tell me more about that.

CF: When I found out that I was surprisingly pregnant in 2005, I knew that this blessing was a part of the gift of yoga and that I had a bigger message to share. My passion for kids yoga grew out of my love for yoga and my love for my daughter Grace, now 5 years young. Through the transformational practice of yoga, I couldn’t help but share it with the little ones. I have been teaching yoga to pregnant moms, new moms and babies, toddlers and kids for several years and I love seeing the joy and happiness that it brings to all ages.

TM: I am excited to hear more about your Kids Yoga Guide.

CF: I created the Kids Yoga Guide to share my passion with a larger audience. There you will find videos, games, activities, coaching, classes, product reviews, and so many resources for the Zen Generation!

TM: Thank You so much Casey! Do you have anything else?

I believe that when we (regardless of our age) connect with ourselves, we will be fully conscious in mind, body and spirit. Namaste & Play!

Learn more about Casey’s services at: download your FREE Gift and take advantage of her FREE 30min Coaching Call opportunity.

Casey teaches yoga classes for adults, prenatal, postnatal/babies, Parent/Toddler, Toddlers alone and Kids Classes. To see her schedule and sign up for a FREE Kids Yoga Class visit:

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