My sister Sybil wrote this…. check it out! Savings with Sybil

The blog giveaway world is booming!  Businesses are working together to offer bigger, better, deals for their ever expanding customers.  Google tried to purchase Groupon for 6 billion dollars and Amazon just successfully bought LivingSocial.  These deal sites are the future of advertising.  Blogs are working under the same model.  We are working together to not only grow our customers but offer them a reason to come back.  Companies understand the millions of readers blogs have daily and are advertising their little hearts out through blog deals and giveaways.  I have been given everything from Hooked on Phonics sets, Kids Yoga Training, toothpaste/mouthwash packages to give away to my readers.  Although these items all bring in lots of wonderful readers I started realizing and thinking that what ALL readers want, not just some, is CASH.  Especially in this economy.

I had just hosted a $50 Amazon e-gift card giveaway on Saving with Sybil to celebrate the blog’s first anniversary.  It brought record numbers of new readers to my site.  So I wondered how a large CASH giveaway would be perceived?  I got the idea of making this giveaway a collective.  I emailed and posted out to the blogging community asking for blogs to join me.  There are 15 blogs participating and they all contributed at least $10 to the giveaway pot!  I took no money for organizing the event and contributed my $10 as well.  All participating blogs had to pay ahead of time, so I can promise you that ONE lucky reader, it could be you, will win the $200 pot!!  What a fun way for blogs to work together to get as many people as possible the chance to win $200!  Good Luck!

Click HERE to enter now.  End on Superbowl Sunday, 2/6/11.