What are your passions? Everyone has passion right, whether they know it or trying to find it, it’s there! For as long as I can remember, helping others have more fun, smile, and a better future, especially children, has been one of my passions for as long as I can remember!

I guess that’s why I’ve been working with children for as long as I can remember. Here are some of the way’s I love being with kids!

  • watching my cousins and neighbor kids
  • volunteering at a camp for kids with cancer and children’s hospitals
  • doing a practicum in a children’s Hematology/Oncology clinic
  • majoring in Child Development
  • working as a Therapeutic Behavioral Coach with emotionally ill children
  • being a nanny,
  • eating rice and beans for 25 days to help supply school meals for hungry kids all over the world…

I love working with and helping kids, and teenagers can you tell!

One day about 8 years ago, while living in San Diego, I found another passion… yoga! I started practicing on my own with videos. After about 3 months, I fell in love with everything about it, especially the way it made me feel physically, mentally, and internally!

I decided I wanted to help others feel the same way and reek the benefits of yoga, so I went through teacher training. It has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself in so many ways!

Then along came another day in San Diego while working at one of the group homes for these emotionally disturbed children. On this particular day, I really noticed how these kids were acting when they had to get up and get ready for school… tired, crabby, slow, incoherent, etc. I then, noticed how they were acting when they were done with school… tired, hyper, moody, crabby, just all over the place. (Cue light switch) It hit me… THESE KIDS NEED YOGA!!

If I felt more alert, stronger internally and externally, focused, happier, brighter, open, peaceful, and amazing all around (the list goes on and on by the way)… do you think it would do the same for these kids? It has too!

Soon after, I realized that it’s not only these kids in “the system” that can benefit from yoga, but kids any age from all social, physical, mental, economical, and cultural backgrounds! I thought of my nieces, nephews, the kids I’ve nannied for, and all the circumstances and environments where I’ve worked with kids… and it’s been a lot… THEY ALL NEED YOGA!!

For the past 5 and a half/6 years, every time I’m asked to write down my goals or dreams, teaching kids yoga has been in the top 3! Just thinking about it now just makes me smile and feel all good inside! “Why haven’t you yet?” is a very good question, and a question I’ve been heard way too often! Fear, excuses, and “not knowing how” have been holding me back and keep getting in the way!

Then, along came another day! It was April of this year at the Millionaire Mind Intensive here in Denver. I met Casey and found out she taught how to teach kids yoga! (Cue light switch again)… I had the biggest smile on my face and told her “we need to talk”! It all started to feel right, ready, and falling into place! I now see and feel my goal and passion of teaching kids and teens yoga right in front of me, within reach! Aaahhhh!! 🙂

Peace, loves, and hugs,

Michelle Neid