Music and dance are two of the best ways to get kids moving, even on the yoga mat!  Music, Dance, and Yoga: Extraordinary Tools for Transforming our Children's FutureWe all know by now that yoga’s not all about downward dogs and forward folds… the true essence of yoga is about getting in our bodies, celebrating human form, breaking through patterns, and being a part of our collective human experience.  Music and dance have become a powerful feature of the yoga we know and love today.  I think that’s partially because it helps us connect with the space we’re in, both inner and outer, as well as to each person in the room.

Think about it, throughout history it’s been music, dance, and celebration that have brought about change in consciousness and societal progression.  When we get people together to have fun and be in their bodies it creates huge amounts of happiness, allowing co-creation of a spectacular, joyous reality.  Of course, children are already very good at this.

Dancing to the music or banging away on a drum comes easy to kids.  So during a kids yoga class, we allow that spontaneity to shine, and let kids co-create their own ecstatic and delightful world together.  Kids learn not only how to be silly around one another, but they literally weave their brainwaves to synchronize together.  No joke!  The rhythm and sound waves of music along with movement, draws each child’s brainwave to follow a specific pattern.

Music, Dance, and Yoga:  A Powerful Brainwave Technology

Yoga, music, and dance are all very stimulating to our brain and body.  When people practice together, listening to the same music or sound within a common space, something very special happens.  Their brainwaves all begin to synchronize.  This is called rhythmic entrainment.  Whether their brainwaves are flowing slow, calm and deep, or bouncing in an ecstatic dance of accented beats and staccato, each person’s brainwaves will be woven into a collective experience.  This is such an incredible phenomena!  Rhythmic entrainment in a yogic atmosphere is key to helping our children connect with one another and unite for their future.

Yogic Rhythmic Entrainment for a Brighter World

Music and dance will remain to be a two of the greatest methods of uniting people and transforming societies.  More so, when we bring a yogic attitude of compassion, acceptance, and appreciation for life, we’ll see more and more transformation both with-in and with-out.  Music, dance, and of course yoga, are some of the greatest tools we’ve been given to allow change.  Simply remember transformation is truly possible.

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