If you’re a new mother, you probably have a very strong bond with your new baby. So strong that the thought of leaving the little one to workout makes you feel apprehensive and nervous but you can feel your fitness levels decreasing. There are supplements like glucuronolactone that you can take to improve your cardiovascular health with the minimal exercise you are doing but sometimes this just isn’t enough because you’re used to going outside and to the gym multiple times a week. It’s quite a dilemma. While you want to get in shape and get your pre-pregnancy body back, you also can’t stand the thought of not being with baby. The good news is that you don’t have to. There are a number of mommy and baby exercises that you can do that will not only help you get in shape, but strengthen the bond you share even more. Tennis can be a great way to get in shape, all you need to do is find a tennis partner and you can play while your baby sleeps nearby.

Here a couple of obvious exercises that you can do and keep baby close. To start with, you should do Kegel exercises. You can do these regardless of what else you are doing, such as feeding baby, bathing baby, rocking them to sleep. This is the number one recommended exercise to do after you have a baby to help strengthen your vaginal walls.

Walking is another great exercise that you can do with baby and a friend. Depending on how long it has been since giving birth you will want to take your time, walk at a comfortable pace for you and try not to do too much too fast. Each time you walk you can do a little more, walk a little faster and baby can go along with you in a stroller or sling or carrier.

There are also stretching exercises that you can do with baby on the floor next to you such as Yoga. You can also play with baby. Playing and snuggling baby close is a great way to burn calories. You may need more space in the home in order to look after this very important person. Some people would consider purchasing a new property to move to, but you can always use a service like house extension designs west midlands to create this extra space.

If you are looking for exercises that are slightly more involved, take baby out for a stroll. Stroller exercises are great no matter how old baby is. (It is important to note that you should not run or jog with baby in a jogging stroller if baby is under 12 months.) You can go for walks with baby in stroller as we mentioned above or you can take part in actual stroller exercise that packs more of a cardiovascular punch. These exercises will help tone muscles and slim you down. For extra effect, you might want to invest in new travel systems for your baby so that you and baby can travel around in style.

There are numerous videos that you can get learn to do Yoga with baby. There are also Pilates for mom and baby. If you want to get out and socialize with other new moms many local health clubs offer mom and baby Yoga or Pilates classes. Check out your neighborhood Recreation Center or YMCA.

Exploring the options available exercise programs at your Recreation Centers can also be beneficial. Some centers offer you water aerobics for mom and baby. These exercises will help strengthen bones and encourage a love of physical activity for baby. These cardiovascular exercises help the body release natural endorphins that will also boost your mood. Baby can float next to you during your aqua exercises.

Whether you want to work out at home, visit your local Recreation Centers or get together with other new moms, there are many options for mommy and baby exercises available to you. You no longer have to make a sacrifice and chose whether or not you spend time with your baby or work on improving your health and getting your pre-pregnancy body back. You can work out with baby, have fun while you are doing it and instill in baby’s mind the importance of being physically active.

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