Mindfulness (Heart ~Fullness) for Kids

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Mindfulness (Heart~ Fullness) for Kids:
What is mindfulness?
Why teach mindfulness?
What can we do?

Research is showing us that practicing mindfulness and breathing more slowly can help balance the nervous system and tame the sympathetic activity. Slow mindful breaths sends a message to the sympathetic nervous system and heart rate to slow down.

In this continuing education training, we will cover in depth, Practices, Breath work, Setting intentions, Affirmations, Meditations, Tools, Resources.

The 2.5 hour continuing education trainings for $75 each, or $125 for both workshops (Kids Yoga with Special Needs)

Workshops are from 11:30 am Р2pmSaturday June 5th

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11:30 am – 2pm Sunday June 6th

(Kids Yoga with Special Needs)