An exclusive interview with Dr. Sophia Pierroutsakos, Ph.D.

In this 60 minute video, developmental psychologist, Dr. Pierroutsakos discusses what mindfulness research in psychology can teach us about nurturing a sense of peace in our homes, ourselves, and in our children. She also reviews realistic strategies for making sure TV and other technology is helping you keep the peace, not disturb it.

Dr. Pierroutsakos is also a speaker and author. She is a graduate of Washington University and the University of Illinois and a professor at St. Louis Community College, teaching courses in Child and General Psychology and Parenting across Cultures. She has conducted research and published scientific articles in the area of infants’ and young children’s developing thinking skills, including what and how children learn about pictures, video images and television, and other kinds of symbols. She speaks on a variety of topics, including how to foster a lifelong love of learning and how working parents can make daily life more manageable and more enjoyable. To learn more about mindful parenting, visit Yogi Parenting

Casey’s Comment’s

I highly recommned getting on board with this program. Mindfulness and yoga paretning is the best investment you can make in your kids and your own future. Knowing yourself in the present moment and teaching this invaluable gift to your children will allow you all to live more peaceful and happy.

Namaste & Play

Casey Feicht