Mantras for TeenagersMantras are not only for adults, but also for kids and teens too!  The general definition of a mantra is set of sounds, syllables, or words that is believed to have the power to transform one’s state.  Of course, we can have all sorts of mantras… some are conscious, and meant for promoting empowerment, and some are subconscious and oftentimes are other than empowering.  Dis-empowering thoughts can be very destructive for adults and young people.  Those who never live up to their full potential do so not because anyone is stopping them, but because they are stopping their self.  We want people to feel empowered and reach their full potential and have a positive effect on our world community!

Mantras and positive intention practice is ideal for kids.  It’s amazing how much their thoughts toward self and others effect how they feel and act. Kids are going through a fragile time in life.  They’re still kids and are very impressionable, and at the same time they’re becoming young adults trying to fulfill a concept of how to be and act around their peers.  They’re facing a lot of challenges and negative thought patterns are one of them.  Therefore, promoting positive affirmations and mantras is essential for kids and teenagers.

Reinforcing Positive Beliefs in Kids and Teens

Positive mantras for kids and teenagers are about reinforcing new belief systems that are empowering.  Now how do you do that?  How can we teach them to feel confident and positive about their self?  This is especially difficult because many kids have beliefs that are so deeply engrained that it’s difficult to show them that a new set of beliefs and attitudes is possible.

I recently started working with kids age 11-13 enrolled in a college prep class.  Many of these students are struggling in their classes especially math.  Developers of the program believe their struggle has nothing to do with lack of intelligence.  Rather, it has to do with lack of confidence.  The main goal is to get kids and teens to work together and solve problems and to instill confidence in individuals as well groups.

Many of the kids come to class with attitudes like “I’m not good at this. I’m horrible at school.  I’m not smart enough. Etc.”  Whenever I hear those words, instead of telling them they’re wrong, because that will instill another negative belief, I simply ask, “Do you believe what you’re saying?”  If they say yes, I say “Show me your problem… get out an algebra problem, an English question, whatever… now show me what part of it you can do.”  Even if they can simply set up the problem that’s great.

As soon as she (or he) shows me what’s she is capable of I see the light begin to turn on.  Then, when she shows her peers what she can do and gets help from them, she starts to remember more of what she already knows.  Finally, she can solve the problem, and more so, she’s grown in confidence.

Positive Affirmations for Kids and Teens:  The Power of “Yes”

Yes is one of the most powerful mantras for them.  Simply getting young people out of their pseudo-rebellious rut of negativity can make a world of difference.  Like anyone, they really want to be successful!  They may act like they don’t care, but deep down, they act that way because they’re being challenged and are afraid of making a mistake.  Mistakes are fine!  You can say yes to them too!  That’s how we learn.

All in all, encouraging kids and teens to think, speak, and act in the positive is incredibly beneficial.  Of course, we have to be models of this attitude.  They look up to us in more ways than we can ever know!

On an ending note, let us remember a quote from The Vedas stating: “Speech is the essence of humanity.” As such, our speech has the power to influence our self and our world through vibration and intent.  Positive affirmations can become daily mantras for a successful, positively minded kids!

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Namaste & Play