Letting Children Be the Guide: The Yoga of Spontaneous FreedomA few days ago I witnessed something inspiring on my walk down a rocky beach.  It wasn’t the sound of crashing waves pressing and pulling back and forth against the shore or the glimmering sun shinning through the tropical canopy, although both were generously gorgeous.  As beautiful as the scenery was, what inspired me most was the 3-year-old boy I walked with.  His ability to see things clearly and express his feelings and emotions to the world was profound to me.

I look at how most adults in the world are troubled with their emotions and confused as to how to communicate and express their feelings and wonder… what were they like as children?  Did they once know how to show their true feelings to the world… to their self?

That feeling…that total expression, non-resistant, expansive quality of being is freedom.  And it’s so simple that a 3 year old can do it.  All it takes is a little letting go of control and more space to just explore.

Exploring the Child-Mind

We think of a child’s mind as imaginative, playful, and usually illogical.  Sometimes it’s one of those or maybe all three, but when did we decide that those qualities are inferior to “adult” characteristics.

Parents are no doubt, very busy people.  With more than one person to think about they’re on one thing then onto the next and then the next thing, etc.  So often kids are being led around and don’t have the chance to lead their parents around instead (or teachers, siblings, grandparents, etc.).

I’ll admit letting a child lead you can get a little crazy sometimes!  I think that’s why so many adults don’t take the time to allow it.  It can be a bit of a headache…no joke.  It’s our head that’s being challenged by the child-mind: the illogically spirited, feeling-based, imaginative, spontaneous freedom-mind of a child.  It’s a little hectic at first, until you let go the resistance and just… play.

Natural Meditation: Finding Clarity of Mind in the Smallest Places

All people are naturally apt for a clear and meditative mind and it doesn’t take hours and hours of practice.  We’re born with the ability to be clear, flexible, spacious, and strong. From the beginning this is what we are.  It is our birthright.  That’s why children are so good at it.  It’s only over time that we forget and suddenly need to practice hours of meditation every day just to be reminded of that clarity.

Therefore, let your children guide you and remind you every day of your natural wakefulness.  Let that experience of the child-mind integrate into your daily “adult” life and become sewn into your business activities and your relations to self, other, and the world.

Give children the space to play with their own meditative mind alone or with others.  It’s a powerful state to be in.

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