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The Secret: Law of Attraction Used for your Parenting Success

Law of Attraction and Effective Parenting

Struggle is not part of the natural order of life. One never sees a cherry tree struggle to produce blossoms when given the right environment. Why? Because the tree is simply following its purpose—its basic nature. Fortunately, struggle does not have to be part of the parenting equation either.

This is good news for many parents because if we choose to use the law of attraction we can experience a happier, more peaceful and respectful home. Yes, this can even mean eliminating award-winning temper tantrums for good. Sound too good to be true?

What is Attraction Parenting?

Attraction parenting employs the principle that the behavior we experience in our home we have attracted to us by our thoughts, deeds and actions. You see, the people around us, especially those closest to us (like our children), simply reflect and respond to our own feelings and actions.

As much as we would like to blame our kids for their behavior (especially when they are pushing every button we have, plus some we never knew we had!), generally our kids’ only mirror what is going on within us.

So, if your kids currently have you spluttering and dog-paddling in the “parenting deep end”, it may be time to ask yourself:

  • – How am I contributing to my kids behavior? (Gulp!)
  • – Are my kids responding to my lack of patience and skyrocketing stress?
  • – Are my children desperately seeking quality time with me because I haven’t been giving them much special time lately?
  • – Are my kids no fun to be around because frankly, I am not fun to be around?

Answering these questions truthfully can quickly get to the root cause of their misbehavior.

The Six Secret Parenting Law of Attraction Tips

There are six parenting tips that can positively transform any household of chaos, frustration and stress into harmony, joy and peace.

The Secret Parenting Law of Attraction Tip #1 – You are modeling for your children how to behave each moment of every day

Children watch what we do far more than they listen to what we say. Thus, if you yell at them to be quiet, push them to do what you want them to do, and use a disrespectful tone when frustrated—you only teach them how to treat you. Stop! Take a breath and make a commitment to walk your talk. Model for your child how a happy, healthy and sane human being looks, talks and acts. Then watch them follow your lead.

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