Join us for the “First Ever” Kids Yoga Teachers Google + Hangout!

Have you heard of Google? Google+? Hangouts? Well, if you have a Gmail account then you have easy access to create a Google+ profile. This is essentially googles variations of Facebook! Why is it so popular? Well Google essentially runs the internet world, and they have a really cool, FREE feature called hangouts.

What’s a hangout you say? Google+Hangouts is a Video chat service that allows you to be face to face with up to 9 people at a time. So the world just got smaller.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Well, Casey is starting the “First Ever” Kids Yoga Teachers Hangout! Join us in creating community, sharing resources and having an overall good time. We will be meeting in this format 2 times a month.

Mark your calendars for tonight Feb 5th 

How does it work? Click here to download the plugin, it’s free and just takes a few minutes.  Then go to this link, which is the event page for the Kids Yoga Teachers Hangout! Click on the Google+Hangout button and join us. We can only have 9 people on at a time, so it you can’t get on for whatever reason, you can watch the broadcast live by clicking here  (it’s recorded, so you can also watch it at a later date too! 😉