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Join us for ALL 5 modules in our Registered Children’s yoga school with Yoga Alliance (RCYS)

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We have a FAQ’s below! Please read all of this before you contact us with questions, thanks so much for understanding.


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Training takes at Yoga Hive Colorado our Studio Partner please check your registration dates for exact location

Want to become a HIGHLY QUALIFIED and CONFIDENT Children’s Yoga Instructor?

Want to educate tomorrow’s mindful leaders?
Do you wish you had the tools of yoga and mindfulness when you were a child?
Kids Yoga Guide, Yogiful, & Yoga Hive Colorado have joined forces to create the ULTIMATE Children’s Yoga Teacher Training!
Why learn from ONE teacher when you can learn from THREE

• Receive practical knowledge on how to share yoga with kids, babies, toddlers, tweens/teens and families
• Bring more peace into your life and to children of all ages
• Learn a comprehensive program that reduces stress and changes lives
• Set yourself apart from the crowd of teachers
• Have access to dozens of resources
• Be a part of a growing compassionate community of teachers and leaders from 3 different women-run businesses here in Colorado

• This training are great for yoga teachers, preschool and elementary, middle/high school teachers and educators, nannies, parents, aunts/uncles, and anyone who loves working with kids!

Thursdays: 6:00-9:00pm
Friday: 6:00-9:00pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 10:00am-4:00pm
**PLEASE NOTE: Schedule is subject to change. We intend for this class to be held in person.
Due to current world circumstances, we will host this class online need be.**
Module 1: Sept 24-27th
Module 2: Oct 8-11th
Module 3: Oct 29 – Nov 1st
Module 4: Nov 12-15th
Module 5: Dec 10-12th (No Sunday Class)
*So you’re in but need to miss a few hours? We have systems in place to help support your busy schedule. Please contact us if you plan to miss more than a few hours!*
OBSERVATIONS: You are required to observe additional classes outside of the modules. You are able to pick these times. Details are outlined in the manual you receive at the training.

Learn how to create more FreedOM in your life, while making a difference for generations to come!
• Teaching kids yoga 101
• Learn the 3 easy steps to teaching kids yoga
• Begin teaching immediately and feel confident with your new skills
• Learn classroom management skills
• Learn the basics for teaching children 3-10

Learn how to teach through the beginning stages of a baby’s life starting from the belly!
• Pre & Post Natal Yoga
• Parent & Toddler Yoga
• Preschool Yoga
• Baby Yoga
• The difference age makes when teaching kids yoga


Focus on living a yogic lifestyle and bringing these vital tools to children that are transitioning in life.
• Teach tweens & teens so that they WANT to listen
• How to guide students ages 8-16 on a journey of self-exploration
• Calming and stress reduction tools
• How to help manage emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression, and other teenage angst.
• Help develop self-confidence, compassion, and empowerment
• Utilize affirmation and support teens/tweens in shifting their consciousness
• Create a fun environment through challenging poses, partner yoga, and acro yoga


Learn how to create an inclusive environment for children from ALL walks of life.
• What is Mindfulness? Why teach Mindfulness?
• Ethics of teaching kids yoga
• Body Safety: protecting the child and yourself
• Dive deeper into classroom management
• Kids yoga camps
• Create an environment that includes all children regardless of age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation
• Teach children with special needs including ADD/ADHD, physical, mental, anxiety, dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder, and more…


The moment we have all been waiting for. The combination of what works, what doesn’t, and our SECRETS to creating classes that keep children coming back.
• Our favorite secrets are revealed
• Yoga Story Telling!
• Family Yoga
• Group poses, partner yoga, and acro yoga!
• Learn the business side of kids yoga
• Become a kids yoga LEADER in your community
• Learn how to market yourself and where to start teaching!
• This is where all the magic happens!
• Final reflections


*Purchase before August 20th
After August 20th Pricing $2,399
*link will come later*
$500 Deposit
Single Module Price: $599
*Will become unavailable if we reach capacity for full course students. MUST take Module 1 before any other modules. This is the foundation to our training.
(we do not issue refunds)
Payment Plans AVAILABLE!


• An open mind, an open heart ❤️ , and passion to learn.
• Water, a yoga mat (if you have one), and snacks.
• Be sure to also bring your creativity, questions, and a body that is ready to MOVE!
• Laughter, tears, silliness, and FUN!
• Facilitators will lead kids and you! We will not only simulate teaching children, but we will actually have you in front of children!
• Expect to dive deep into your childhood experiences and do a bit of INNER CHILD WORK!
• This is an opportunity to learn HOW to teach children, of all ages, powerful tools that can change their lives.

~Have your 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher Certification and are registered with Yoga Alliance? Take all 5 modules and become a (RCYT)
~After you have completed your 95 hrs, Yoga Alliance requires that you teach 30 hours to receive your Registered Children’s Yoga Teachers (RCYT) certificate.
~This could ALSO be the start of your yoga teaching career. Many students continue learning and get their 200 hour TT AFTER this training.


Kids Yoga Guide: Casey Feicht
Casey Feicht the creator of Kids Yoga Guide is passionate about teaching kids yoga, training others to teach kids yoga, and serving the next generation in living a peaceful and healthy lifestyles. Casey’s passion for kids yoga grew out of her love
for yoga and for her daughter Gracee. Casey has been teaching yoga to Babies, New Moms, Toddler, and Kids, and Tweens/Teen for over 10 years. She loves working with others passionate about sharing yoga with kids. She is a pioneer in the industry bringing yoga to the next generation in ways no one else is.

Yogiful: Lauren Moon

Lauren is the Founder of Yogiful and the creator of #wigglelikeaworm and #Beyondbabysitting. Lauren’s goal is to foster a new wave of mindful leaders, starting with our youth. Her passion and purpose is to teach children the powerful existence one can have while living in the present moment. As an ADD child put on ADHD medication for 10+ years, meditation has become her medication. Her commitment for teaching children pours into all aspects of her life. She is a nanny, children’s yoga teacher, acroyoga instructor, and children’s life coach. She has dedicated her life to educating children and wouldn’t have it any other way! Lauren specializes in teaching children’s yoga to everyone regardless of age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation. Yogiful was the 2019 official host for Passport to Mindfulness a TEDxMileHigh Production. Lauren & Yogiful were also featured in VoyageDenver 2019.

Yoga Hive Colorado: Blaine Wilkes

​Blaine started her wellness journey when she became a certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer in 1991. Over the next two and a half decades she immersed herself in a healthcare career while teaching others to live active, healthy lifestyles and competing in running races and triathlons including 30+ marathons and 4 Ironman triathlons. Blaine also became a certified holistic health coach in 2012. After significant soul searching and meditation, Blaine decided to leave the corporate world and create a space where her community can gather to work on physical, mental, and emotional growth in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Blaine opened Yoga Hive Colorado in 2017. She is a registered yoga teacher, certified aerial yoga teacher, meditation coach, and is currently spending 18 months studying Energy Medicine Yoga with Lauren Walker to become an Energy Medicine Yoga Master Teacher. Passionate about fitness, Blaine is a certified Group Fitness Instructor by the American Council on Exercise and continues to pursue an education in yoga, fitness, nutrition, meditation, and wellness.

Q: Will I receive a certificate for the training?
A: Yes, you will receive a certificate at the end of the training, and if you do the additional hours for continuing education units you will receive another one once they are completed and confirmed with Kids Yoga Guide.
Q: Can I use this training as Continuing Education for Yoga Alliance?
A: YES! BUT you can’t be RKYT and use these hours as YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider). If you do individual modules, this can count as continuing education hours. If you want to become a Registered Kids Yoga Teacher these hours do not count as continued education. It is either one or the other.
Q: Do I have to take all the modules?
A: No, you can take only the module or modules that fit the children’s ages that you would like to teach and learn about. BUT if we fill up all our spots to full-time students, we will not be able to accept single module students.
Q: Do I have to take all the modules in order?
A: For this series YES.
Q: How do I become a 95 Hr Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT)?
A: Have a 200 hr adult yoga teacher training certification and register with Yoga Alliance. Complete all 5 modules and then submit everything online to become a RCYT. Applicants must submit 30 teaching hours in children’s yoga which must be
performed after completing a program with a RCYS (Registered Children’s Yoga School).
Q: Where are the regular classes held?
A: We all offer different classes at Yoga Hive and various other locations.
Q: Can I bring my nursing child/toddler to the training.
A: Yes, AND please do not bring your child for the WHOLE training. If you can have someone bring the child for specific times to nurse and nurture this is great. We are a fun-loving group that enjoy kids and want to support you in being with your baby while learning to teach the next generation of yogis.
Q: Where do I sign up?
A: For this training, please see the PRICING section with links. For future classes, please visit our websites! Kids Yoga Guide, Yogiful, and Yoga Hive Colorado
Q: What is the cost of the training?
A: Please refer to our PRICING section for the investment cost. The early Bee deadline is July 20th! Sign up before that and receive a free GIFT BAG with essential kids yoga teaching props!
Q: Is there a teacher discount?
A: Yes, we offer scholarship discounts. Please send us a message and we will send you our scholarship details and requirements.
Q: If I learn through your RCYS does that mean I can teach for one of your businesses?
A: Yes. Between the three of us, we are always looking for great leaders who want to support the growth of the kid’s yoga world. We hire from within and because we are the Premier Kids Yoga Business in Denver, we get schools/studios and organizations constantly reaching out to us.
Q: Where do you teach, schools, parks, etc?
A: Check out our websites and get on our email newsletter list to find out, we are everywhere. Schools, studios, festivals, parks, you name it, we teach there.
Q: If I only take module 1 can I teach kids yoga on my own?
A: Yes, of course. Although we highly recommend taking all the modules so that you know exactly what you’re getting involved in. We will dive deep into the details of running a kids yoga business and how to protect yourself and the safety of children. It’s very different than adult yoga and we have spent years simplifying the process. We are happy to help and can do additional consulting with you for an additional fee.
Q: Are there other RCYS in Denver?
A: Yes, and No! There are a few in Colorado that are registered on Yoga Alliance, and we are the only ones offering ongoing training year-round, from the inception of the RCYT recognition. It’s still a new phenomenon!
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: All deposits and payments are non-refundable.

*~We proudly provide equality of services and care to everyone, regardless of people’s age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation.~*

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5 Modules and SAVE

We HIRE from within, we currently partner with over a dozen studios and schools and we need more teachers, so come learn from us and work/play with us!

Here is what our recent grads have to say about our Trainings.

At recent teacher training one of the students said “It feels like a sleepover!”  It’s been 2 days & I haven’t had a chance yet to chill from the TREMENDOUSLY RICH training…

I learned so many useful things; from how to structure an hour class from beginning to end, to how to actually set up a business, make contacts & get insurance. Observing your kids’ class was key & inspirational. The way your class flowed from quiet to energy & back several times..and the way you connected us all in the last hour of our class..
I originally signed up after I had walked into the community center & just asked about teaching a kids yoga/movement class & they said “great!”  I thought I’d like to get more ideas, especially on structuring  & a certificate which would give me “credibility”…..not really sure if I wanted to teach again…..I received so much more…
I never expected to meet and share with so many like minded creative people, to be so inspired and to walk away with confidence knowing I have the skills within me to take this farther.
You have a real gift, Casey, not just with the kids, but with your “grown-up” students…you showed us.that we are always growing UP, changing, growing.   So fun for me to be with the 20-30 somethings, to listen to their stories, knowing their stories…and to share their spirits. Michelle N.