What? You didn’t know it was going to be like this? Is this not what you signed up for? Of course it’s not! That’s the whole point!

Mothering is something much more than any of us could imagine. There is more joy, more sorrow, more happiness, more frustration, more pride and more life lessons than we could ever fathom. And yet, each day that passes is a precious, delicious opportunity for us to experience unbounded personal and spiritual growth. There is no other profession quite as wonderful as simply ‘being mama’.

It’s time for a new era of Mothering and Family my friends. It’s time for understanding that artificial colors, artificial stimulation, artificial environments and artificial prosperity are a thing of the past – profane manufactured offspring from the archaic Industrial Age in which several generations have grown up. Seeing it’s heinous fingers touch, surround and mold so much of what is sacred to us, we have found ourselves living in a place of emptiness, boredom and disconnection. We became a people without traditions, without connections, slaves to the marketing schemes and pressures of living up.

But that era has passed and we are in the midst of change. WE are creating that change because we desire that family reconnection, we want meaning and we crave spiritual fulfillment and our place in the circle of life. This is true living. We know it. And we are creating the change we seek, each day by the ‘radical’ choices we make.

Let’s get back to the basics of true living – simple, loving, full of values and faith, family-centered and REAL.

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