It’s been an amazing and quick summer! My daughter just started 1st Grade this week, and I am amazed that the summer has come and gone already!

Most Sundays we spend our time practicing yoga in the park!  Kids Yoga Guide was honored to be a Sponsor for Yoga Rocks the Park!

When not at the park, we were camping, engaged in playdates, and doing fun things with Grandma like mini-putput in a glow in the dark arena, swimming with the cousins, and rollar skating. It sure was fun, and this mom is now looking forward to a bit more of a schedule and getting back into building the Kids Yoga Community.

Here is a video of one of the fun games we did at the park this summer.


How was your summer? Love to hear how you spent your time with the kids and what you were up to in general. Did you take any fun vacations? We mostly had staycations, as our big Disney World trip was in May.. did you travel somewhere fun or exotic with the kids?

Leave your comment below and let us know. 😉

Namaste & Play

Casey and Grace