Wow, this is exciting, a Kids Yoga TV show! Finally quality production for our kids and their future! My first experience with Kids Yoga was with “YogaKids”, so I am excited to support this adventure by sharing it with you here. Contribute and help make the world a more peaceful place by supporting bring kids yoga to TV’s eveywhere! 😉 Namaste & Play

The production of the YogaKids™ TV Show Pilot is a partnership between Just a Bear Productions, Inc. (the Los Angeles-based production company I started with my husband) and YogaKids™ (a family-owned children’s brand based in Michigan). This partnership began brewing 17 years ago when I served as editor on the first, independently-produced YogaKids™ DVD.

Now these two entities are coming together again in an effort to bring the YogaKids™ tools for empowering children to the small screen… so that every child can be the happiest and healthiest they can possibly be. This pilot showcases the potential of a YogaKids™ TV series and will be shopped to various children’s networks (Nick Jr., PBS, Sprout, Disney, etc.).

The pilot, titled “The Magic of Trees,” features live-action and a cast of six characters (five “YogaKids” and the gardener). Set in a magical yoga garden, the children act out stories that help teach character education, social awareness, coping strategies, physical development, and connections to science, math and literacy. The YogaKids™ brand has over 200 official kid-friendly poses, used as teaching tools for the mind, body and spirit.

What does the show actually look like? I compare it to Barney. But instead of a playground, there’s a yoga garden. And instead of a big, purple dinosaur, there’s the gardener character!

Each episode (including the pilot) also features original songs sung by the children, fun animated sequences that highlight learning concepts, healthy recipe ideas using natural food, and step-by-step pose instructions. The yoga instruction is provided BY the children FOR children. The role of the gardener is to help kids make connections from the poses to the world around them. The learning is a two-way street between the children and the adult.

The pilot will be produced in Los Angeles from late-February through August of this year. Auditions will occur in early March to find a diverse group of children with the skills (acting, physical and vocal) to become the stars of Yogakids™. Rehearsals and pre-production will continue through the month of March. Shooting will occur in mid-April. Post-production will follow and continue through the month of August. The project will be completed by September 2013.

Anyone who’s ever worked in film or video production knows that Murphy’s Law is alive and well. What could go wrong? Any number of things! A cast member could get sick. Inclement weather could postpone the all-outdoor shoot. We could forget ALL the props. (We won’t. We promise.)

In order to deal with the realities of video production, we’ve included within the budget the costs to cover such contingencies. Fortunately, too, we are in Los Angeles and have a huge pool of resources from which to pull for production services should problems arise with any particular vendor, location, cast or crew member.

As backers of this creative project, you won’t be just… well, backers. You’ll be part of the YogaKids™ family. You’ll know everything that’s going on with the production via updates here. (I will attempt to be both informative and witty.) You’ll also have my ear for suggestions, feedback, and questions.

Welcome to the YogaKids™ family.