Fellow Parents & Caregivers~

I’m curious…what’s the last gift you gave the children in your life? A toy? A game? A book? Maybe even a day at an amusement park or zoo? If you are like most parents, you probably gave your children a gadget gift that provided a few hours of fun and memories. Good for you! That is what a gift should offer.

What if, however, you could offer a gift that would keep on giving every single day – a gift that provided a lifetime of deeper connection and positive impact in your children, your family, and yourself?

Just imagine if that gift that could offer…

  • A happier child (and family).
  • Motivated, focused and more productive children and parents. (Grandparents too!)
  • Being pro-actively, rather than re-actively, involved with your family.
  • Becoming a role model that encourages your child and even your colleagues to “do as you say and as you do”.
  • More freedom for quality activities with your family and by yourself.
  • Higher caliber relationships in all areas of your life.
  • Improved home and life management.
  • Fewer squabbles and arguments among family members.
  • Opportunities to make big differences in your community, nation and world while also having tons of fun.
  • Building a system of shared collaboration in the home.
  • Discovering and embracing your child and you family for who they are.
  • Giving and receiving appreciation freely and frequently.
  • Turning leadership into more than a lesson, but into a lifestyle

Hi, my name is Julie Watson Smith. I’m a Leadership Mentor and the founder of Character Clubs. Many years ago, I was feeling a bit out of sync with my family until I discovered a gift so simple and yet thoroughly transformational. What was it? Character.

The Gift of Character
The true gift of character lies in five essential habits: Gratitude, Responsibility, Integrity, Synergy and Service.

These are the five habits that every child, every parent, every educator, every leader (I’m going to go out on a limb and say everyone) must know. Why? These are the habits that develop common courtesy and positive choices. These are the habits that build character, confidence and connection in both children and adults. These are the habits that develop strong communities to support young people. These are the habits of leaders.

You are Great
I have dedicated myself to building strong communities that help young people learn to lead. Everything I now teach, speak, coach and write about is founded on this dedication. I do this, because it is so frustrating to see phenomenal families struggling with pressures that both parents and kids face on a daily basis. And, the overwhelming amount of “how-to” books on parenting just adds to that pressure.

Well, guess what?  You are a good parent.  I take that back; you are a great parent! You already have the tools necessary to strengthen your family. It’s likely that all you need is a simple, easy way to uncover this knowledge and apply it in a fun way with your family.

Which is why I’ve spent the last few years taking note of what has worked not just for my family, but also many other families, teachers and communities, and compiled it into a comprehensive system, that I call…TEAMstyle Parenting

What is TEAMstyle Parenting?
TEAMstyle Parenting is a self-study and live mentoring program that connects parents, caregivers and educators with the tools necessary to inspire character, confidence and community in young people at home, school, and in the community. It is a collection of the exact same principles that I apply daily in Character Clubs, with my clients, and with my family to consistently connect with character. It is designed to build on your current strengths, skills and abilities.

With over six hours of live mentoring and countless handouts, TEAMstyle Parenting delivers!

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll get from this indispensable program:

  • The TEAMstyle approach of teaching, engaging, acknowledging and modeling.
  • A PDF downloads recapping insightful lessons on each of the five habits of character (and their sister traits), engaging discussion topics and activities for you and your children as well as powerful character-in-action profiles designed to inspire and motivate your who family.
  • Six live tele-training sessions (60 minutes each) starting February 26, 2011 covering…
    • How to integrate the TEAMstyle approach into all areass of your life for amazing results.
    • Strategies to overcome the biggest challenge we all face (inconsistency!)
    • How to make character a habit in even the youngest members of your family.
    • The simple process of encouraging character education as a lifestyle rather than a lesson with all members of your family.
    • Straightforward strategies to improve communication, deepen connection and influence positive choices.
    • Framework to create your very own character course of action and system of support for yourself and your family and/or classroom that turns leadership into a lifestyle and influences the changes you wish to see

I will never forget the day when my son came up to me at 6-years-old and announced that knew he must start taking responsibility for caring for the Earth and teaching others to do the same. This happened exactly three weeks after applying just one of the steps above. As a mom, words cannot express the sense of pride and love I felt when I heard those words. When a child’s thoughts, words and actions are guided with the power of character, they learn to make positive choices. They learn to be. They learn to lead. And, they learn to become unstoppable!

Here’s the deal (and the price)
So, how much is it?

Option #1:  I feel very strongly about getting this information out to as many parents as possible, so I am offering this at a very reasonable $97. That includes all PDF downloads and six-weeks of live tele-training as well as MP3 downloads of all the calls.

Price: $97.00
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For those that want a little extra boost, you can add on six- 60-minute coaching sessions for a total of $674 (includes everything above as well). In these sessions, we’ll chart your character course of action, map a Leadership as a Lifestyle plan and laser in on any other areas you wish.

Option #2: Everything from Option #1 & #2 plus six- 60-minute private coaching sessions to fully develop a Leadership & Lifestyle Plan including your character course of action and system of support as well as laser in on any areas you wish to address.

Price: $674.00
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Everything has been put in place to provide you with step-by-step guidance, in clear language and very specific actions to get you started.  Nowhere will you find this information in such an easy, family-friendly format. My clients have repeatedly told me that my unique ability to provide transformation information in clear, concise and easy-to-follow step provides them with the commitment of readily applying the material to make and live the changes they desire.

So, are you ready to connect with character? Yes! Woohoo!! Just choose your option above and you will be directed to our secure shopping cart.

Thanks so much! I look forward to “seeing” you in February!  Class starts February 28, at 10AM Mtn.  Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions!

With Gratitude,
Julie Watson Smith
Leadership Mentor and Parent Educator
Founder, Character Clubs

Casey’s Comments

I met Julie at a Mojo retreat (for Entrepreneurial women), and the work that she is doing is fabulous work. I highly recommend that you check this out and sign up today!