Traditionally done children’s games could be adapted to innovative kids yoga with the main objective being keeping it uncomplicated, fun-filled and upbeat. Avoid frequently adjusting or rectifying kids in poses.

Here are some fascinating yoga games that children would enjoy playing.

Peace Peace Love

  • Adapting this to a yoga game ‘dog-dog-cat’ for keeping children in motion & chortling.
  • Whilst children await the tagging of the subsequent ‘cat’, getting him/her in holding a novel yoga posture.


  • Adapting this easy infancy rhyme as a yoga game.
  • In case you or the kid tells ‘yellow-light’ or ‘wait’ saying a pose which the kid is well-aware of.
  • Having him/her in holding that yoga pose till the subsequent ‘green-light’ for ‘go’.

Yoga Posture Football

  • Dividing children into duo sets on either sides of a room.
  • Giving both the teams a yoga posture which permits mobility like downwards-faced dog pose, tree pose, table-top, prayer-squats, dolphin-pose or dancer-pose.
  • When children are staying in their prearranged posture then try getting a balance-ball to the opposing squad’s goal or side of the enclosed space.
  • Letting the groups swap poses subsequent to a couple of minutes.
  • Giving the duo sides a stood-up pose or floor-pose for keeping matters on an even match.

Balanced Songster Pose

  • Teaching children yoga games as ways of balancing in a different manner.
  • Asking the child for holding a pose & singing a known tune. In case the child is not aware of the wordings then he/she could even be humming along.
  • Seeing who is ranking last to balance & sing.

Down Dog Train

  • Lining up children side-by-side in the downwards-facing dog pose.
  • Every kid would be getting to sprint about the line & crawling via the subway formed by the downwards-dog pose.
  • Having the children re-align on the left end of the subway thus the subsequent kid on the right end would be set-up for running about & crawling via the subway.

Old McDonald Had a Farm

  • Singing this endearing rhyme when one learns yoga postures.
  • Letting every child audibly be calling out a novel animal.
  • In case it happens to a yoga posture then asking him/her for making one up.

Narration Games

  • Starting off by reciting a story which has movement.
  • Incorporating yoga postures into the narration, however not informing the children what the postures are known as, or also that he/she is performing yoga.
  • Merging visualization & animal postures in yoga games. For instance, the narration might be regarding a hunter who climbs on top of a peak & passing deserted areas for rescuing a child. Incorporating postures which would be coinciding with the narration.
  • An associated posture is to be held whilst the narration builds up. For instance, when one describes the hunter, get the kid for holding the warrior posture and while he is traveling through deserted lands, help the child in simulating camels by being seated cross-legged & alternate arch-and-curve of the back for showing the camels in motion.
  • Once the narration has concluded, re-tracing every move while one teaches the child about the different postures he/she did, the pertinent name & apt form.

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