Best your Best Self ~ Yoga for Families is a beautifully photographed in nature, spiral bound book that is great for kid and parents alike.

Author Ruth Sharon shares this book with her daughter Alyssa Sharon (both skilled and experienced yoga teachers) and Ruth’s granddaughter Hannah Green.

Through the book you will find Kid’s spot in every chapter for kids to learn and have fun with their families. The book is written in an easy to read manner, with bullet points, beautiful pictures of the three of them doing the yoga poses, at various levels. The author and the other key individuals behind this book, like the Book Designers, are careful to make sure that everything down to the choice of images and colors is selected with younger readers in mind, as every inch of this book has been created to cater to kids’ predilections. Even the writing is accessible and I would imagine that this was finely tuned with the help of copy editors and meticulously checked over by proofreaders. I would say they have done this excellently and that it would serve well as a model to anyone else looking to write for a young audience, as this does.

The five chapters demonstrate qualities to be your best self: flowing, flexible, strong, balanced and calm.

There is authentic yoga philosophy in the form of mantras, sanskrit, chakras, meditation, breathing techniques, sun salutations, and so much more.

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