Kids yoga begins In Utero:  How you can help shape the life of your child for the better!

Did you know a pregnant woman’s heartbeat largely affects her baby in utero?  It’s quite universally understood by now, that a developing fetus is more than a ripening body of a person.  Rather the blossoming unborn body has all the responsive mechanisms capable of receiving and responding to information from the outside world.

Of course, what brings the outside world in, is initially interpreted through the mother’s own response.  Her thoughts, emotions, and feelings, which shape the rhythm of her heartbeat, are the filters that interpret the outside world.  Likewise, her unborn child receives and responds on his/her own accord, fashioning a record of experience and creating his/her own patterns of response to the world.

So it’s not just the physical items like food, drugs (prescription and over the counter), alcohol, and pollutants that a mother ingests during pregnancy, it’s also her thoughts and emotions that affect the physical and emotional growth of her baby.  Of course, anyone who practices a form of meditation or stress reduction knows that you can choose how to work with your emotions and in turn, transform your internal reality.

Yoga is designed to help transmute negative thought patterns (which cause emotional imbalance) and help stimulate positive patterns and belief systems.  The ideal is a more joyous life, free from mental and emotional constraints.

Surely, that is the ideal life we want for our children as well!  Luckily, as humans we’re given an incredible amount of time to effectively mold and shape our children into happy and empowered young individuals.  Contrary to popular belief, the life of each human being is largely shaped by the first 9 months of their life in utero.

During the 9-month period of rapid bodily growth, when mother and child share the same resources of one body, something miraculous happens!  A life is being molded… not just a physical body, but all the patterns, the ways of thinking, feeling, and being in the world being to create a person.

It’s truly incredible!  More so, what makes this process so phenomenal is the fact that as a mother you can shape the life of your child before he takes his first breath in the world.  Certainly this is not to dismiss other family members from playing their part in shaping a child, but it’s up to the mother to choose how the outside world reaches her and her baby on the inside.

Feelings of safety create a comfortable environment free of stress for her child, while fear might make her close down making her child feel dis-empowered in the world.  The feeling and emotions stem from her own patterns, but will also play a large role in the shaping of her child’s responses to the world.

This can seem like a harrowing subject, knowing there is so much responsibility around raising a child even while he/she is still in the womb.  Fortunately, the truth of the matter is, we ALWAYS have choice when it comes to our emotions.  As a person you are not controlled by your emotions, in fact you are a master of your internal world, able to change thought patterns and beliefs toward yourself and your world.

Yoga is framed to help you empower yourself in the world, to feel safety and compassion, love and appreciation.  In so doing, those positive patterns of living will shape the life of your children from life in utero to their life as an adult with children of their own.  Being a responsible parent, caring for your body, thoughts and emotional patterns can truly affect the future of our world!

If you haven’t already, check out some local pre-natal classes, find a teacher or a woman’s group to help you stay healthy and empowered, or pick up a book or DVD to practice at home on your own time.  Whatever you do, always remember the future is in your own hands!  Make the best of it!