Too Many Words

“That boy is going to be the death of me. He never listens. I tell him and I tell him, but do you think he cares what I say? No! Not in the least. I don’t know how he is going to learn if he never listens.”

We’ve all heard the parent who talks like this, and I’m sure you’ve said to yourself, “Now we know the problem, too many words and not enough actions.”

How old were you when you learned to shut out your parents’ lectures? Lectures didn’t work for our parents and they seldom work for us. They don’t even bring out the best in our spouses.

The best rule of thumb is:
Keep it short.
Keep it polite.
Make it a question.

“Oh, Darla, I noticed that you were being a bit snippy with your friends when we were in the car. Do you ever worry about losing their friendship because of that?”

It’s possible you might get a snippy answer like, “No, besides it’s none of your business.”

Instead of lecturing, stick with your polite questions. “Oh, sweetie, that might be true, but if not, do you have a plan? Good luck.”

Polite questions get kids thinking. Lecturing shuts the door to listening.

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Casey’s Comments!

For me the first year of parenting was tough, but nothing compared to the years 2 to 5. Parenting does not come easy to me. After having taken Love and Logic classes, I realized my parenting needs to be the same way I teach my kids in yoga classes. Offer lots of choices, respect and empower the kids (whether its students or your own child). make it fun,  and let them make their mistakes and learn with natural consequences.

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