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Currently my daughter, Grace who has been doing yoga with me for 5 years declared that she does not like yoga.  As you can image this is challenging for me as a yoga lover and an advocate for kids yoga. Gratefully I connected with Rachel Glowacki who has created with a team, an amazing kids yoga journey and Grace loves it! So much that she wanted to share it with the other kids in yoga class. The kids were fascinated with it. As a techie, who spends hours coaching people on creating website businesses, I am excited that my daughter is learning to use technology at a young age, and able to incorporate yoga into it with peaceful music, a great story and an exploration of far away lands.  There are many options on the app, read the book, have it read to you, go through the poses individually and even breathe with the kids. I highly recommend this application, as we know yoga is great in the studio, the classroom and in your own home with the technology that is always going to be present in their lives. Enjoy!


Namaste & Play!

Casey Feicht

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In I AM LOVE:  Kids’ Yoga Journey, step onto a magic mat and fly through the ancient land of Egypt.  We are as strong as a mountain, as silly as a Laughing Dove and as playful as a dolphin.  Dive deep into the Red Sea to discover indigenous curiosities, like a long-lost sphinx.

I AM LOVE:  Kids’ Yoga Journey is the first ever kids’ yoga app to be developed for Apple’s revolutionary iPad and now the award-winning, best selling Barnes & Noble NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet.  Featured on iTunes as “What’s Hot” and “New & Noteworthy”,  the award-winning Parent’s Magazine, as well as a growing number of yogi and parent bloggers, I AM LOVE empowers children to connect to technology in a healthy and holistic way.

With I AM LOVE:  Kids’ Yoga Journey at little fingertips, children can play yoga in the park, at an airport, in their rooms, or even up in a tree house. The instruction is simple, yet wonderfully effective and can be used by kids anywhere they have room to stretch on a floor.  They’ll meet friendly sea turtles, lizards, castles and even a pirate ship to accompany them on their journey.

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