How Does yoga Foster Cooperative learning in Schools?As a substitute teacher in Hawaii, one of the main aims of focus in our schools is about transforming the traditional methods of competitive learning into more cooperative styles.  It’s very exciting to me, that administrators and even departmental leaders are seeing that the traditional method is no longer working with our kids.  They now believe (and of course, this has been scientifically proven) that it’s cooperation that will benefit our society in the future.

No doubt, the philosophy behind yoga is based on this very subject. Yoga activates a certain sense of responsibility for ones life, and therefore, a desire to be and act in a more socially affirmative manner.  When you practice, especially in a community, you understand that helping your neighbor also means helping yourself.  Even science is paying more and more attention to the ongoing studies around compassion and cooperation.  We all know how it feels to help another.  It makes us feel good, worthy, responsible, even inspirited.  These are just a few words to describe that heart opening sensation of our connectedness.  Yoga is the energy that binds us, roots us in our true being, and reactivates the boundless strings that unite us together as beings.

What is Cooperative Learning?  How is it different from Competitive?

The traditional method of leaning is based on teachers asking questions and students being called on to answer correctly or incorrectly.  You all remember how embarrassing it was, and how bad it felt to be wrong in front of the whole class.  Today schools are trying to engage students in more positive environments where there aren’t necessarily right or wrong answers; rather, there are discussions, more group and pair work, and more collaborative learning projects.  The goal is to help our young people feel more confident as well as build peer-to-peer communication and responsibility to oneself as well as the whole class.

Sound familiar?  Perhaps you’ve heard a similar dialogue in the yoga room.  We practice to build confidence, learn to communicate with our internal self as well as others, and we place an importance on all our relations in the world as a whole.

Kids Yoga for the Future!

It’s very exciting to see our world begin taking off into new directions.  Slowly, and surely, new approaches are making headway amongst multiple fields of life and work.  Thankfully, yoga and various health and healing methods are being recognized for their usefulness in our world.  More and more, the basis of a naturally-human yogic lifestyle is becoming accepted, and even implemented into business and education practices.  The foundations of health, cooperation, and compassion are sooner becoming the central focus of everyday living for more and more people.

Kids Yoga, both in and out of the classroom, fosters cooperation, helping our kids grow up with a strong sense of social responsibility, which we oh so need in our beautiful world.

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