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Transcript: I have a few questions for you!

Do you have some challenges that you’re still dealing with that showed up from your childhood? Do you want more peace in your own life? Do you want more fun in your own life do? Do you have kids and you want all those things? For them you want them to have a peaceful, fun, childhood and grow up to be peacekeepers in this world or make a difference?

Well, I wanted to share with you about our Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training that is coming up! It is the most comprehensive training in the Denver Metro area. There are there are 4 modules to it and we teach you how to teach yoga to kids from babies to 99 year olds.

We also have just a weekend module where you can just come and learn to teach kids that are 3 to 10 year olds and this this program is Oooommmmmazing for anyone who wants to heal their own inner child stuff. Throughout the weekend and we spend some time connecting with our own inner child who we were as children the good the bad the ugly and really allow ourselves to move into a place where we can connect with kids as they are now.  We get into the energy with them,being very present, being mindful and having fun. Because they have very short attention spans and all they want to do is have fun, so are our trainings. They are a peaceful!!!

A lot of people think that you know Yoga is just this really quiet and and peaceful thing which it is mostly for adults but kids are not so quiet so in our kids trainings and our kids classes summer camps after school we are really noisy we’re barking like dogs we’re having fun or singing songs were being playful.


we’re also teaching our children how to calm themselves down how to use tools and techniques breathing techniques, different things to manage their emotions in their lives. It’s a really powerful process so we’re teaching them about peace how to listen to their bodies how to listen to their intuition, how to be grateful, how to practice respect for themselves and others. So it’s all there! We are all about character education,  or you could call it values or spiritual energy. It is coming through and everybody walks away sharing from the training in a way that works best for them.

The teacher training starts in February, the 23rd to 25th, the 1st module. It’s about a month from now a little less than a month of love to have you come join us this training is for parents for teach school teachers for yoga teachers for nannies for childhood educators of any kind, principals,  paraprofessionals, daycare providers, everybody that works with kids and who sees the benefit of how yoga can help

You don’t need to be a real you know masterful yogi you can have done a few yoga classes it’s so simple it’s so fun. It’s great for everyone!
I believe we’re either growing or we’re dying and this process of teaching yoga to kids is really about growing yourself growing, them and just continuing on this path to make the world a better place!

If you’re interested in doing all of the modules we have all four modules that are happening between February and May you can do that they happen again in the fall so you can take some in the spring/winter and then you can finish them in the fall as well you don’t have to be a 200 hour yoga teacher if you are that’s great and you want to go for that you can as well.

I’ve heard in the first few weeks here in January that there’s already been 11 school shootings and that just makes me so sad because we’re teaching mindfulness and yoga to teachers to parents so that we can raise a generation of kids who who have skills and don’t need to whatever if whether it’s mental health issues or anger issues they don’t need to grow up and and have to experience that so this stuff is so simple that everybody can do it it’s just a matter of learning of understanding and of practicing these things. So if you have more questions – on my website I’ll put a link below in this video there is a whole its a whole PDF that’s got at least like three pages of frequently asked questions so I encourage you to check that out and find out more about our training.

It’s very comprehensive, we cover mom and baby we cover parents and toddler, we go through child development, we do the elementary preschool elementary age kids, three to ten year olds, we talk about teens and tweens,  kids families . Our teen/tween yoga is different, its not kids yoga, barking like dogs but it’s that in-between phase I have a 12 year old myself and she’s right there in that phase so they still want to be playful they don’t want to be silly there’s a big difference there.

We have classes throughout the Denver area that you can take and we’re going to be having an information session soon ~ The information sessions will be one  weeknight and one on a weekend coming up here in the next two or three weeks (dates available soon), so that you can come and find out more you can read the frequently asked questions you can come meet me and maybe experience a free kids class if that works into the schedule.

You can come and see what it’s like I’ve been really surprised how many people have come through the training I’ve never seen a kids yoga class and yet they want to teach kids yoga which is awesome but really you know it’s great to see what you’re getting into. If that’s a passion for you whatever level that is maybe even doing the training but just sharing with your own kids it’s really powerful and it’s a very healing process,  like I mentioned, we are really excited about this an want you to jump on board.

Please support us by sharing this blog post or the newsletter and and all that good stuff getting it out to everybody. So if you know anybody who loves kids and loves yoga and wants to share this as well please please pass this along to families, parents. We need this for our future we’re really in challenging times right now and there are solutions we just need to you know take take the time to learn what we can do!

I can tell you from my own experience yoga has healed my life and even teaching kids has healed me to a deeper level because I had chronic illness as a child and I missed out on my childhood I was in the hospital and I’ve been able to overcome and not only survived a thrive by having fun and learning to be peaceful and managing emotions and that’s exactly an heal that’s exactly what what we’re up to here at Kids Yoga Guide.

Registration for the entire 95 hour training this Winter/Spring ends February 8th, 2018, SAVE $350

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Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings

I thank you so much for reading/watching and I hope you have an amazing and Oooommmmmazing day!

Namaste and Play!