My Dad’s favorite candy is M&M’s. Growing up we always had a jar of them sitting on the kitchen counter. But that jar was not to be touched by us children. That jar was saved for my Dad and my Dad only. Some nights after we finished eating dinner my two brothers and I would sit at the table and wait in anticipation as my Dad got up to grab that jar of M&M’s. He’d slowly bring it to the table and to our delight he’d proceed to ask my brothers and I trivia questions. Whoever got the answer right would get one M&M as a prize. This little game was a hoot! We laughed and screamed as we tried to outdo each other’s answers. It was our very own version of the “Family Feud”.

Father’s Day Yoga with the Kids

Here at we’ve created a Father’s Day Yoga Game that was inspired by the game that I used to play with my Dad growing up. We’ve tweaked it a bit to incorporate yoga and ensure that both your child and their Father are left with a feeling of accomplishment for doing something beneficial for both themselves and each other.

Things you will need:

  • · a bag of Dad’s favorite candy
  • · 2 yoga mats
  • · a list of your child’s favorite yoga poses

How to play:

Since it’s summer and the weather is wonderful have your child bring Dad outside with the bag of candy. Set up the two yoga mats one for your child and one for Dad. This time your child will be the holder of the candy/prize. Usually it is not necessary to be giving candy as a reward but today is Father’s Day so we think Dad probably deserves a little treat! Then have your child proceed to teach Dad their favorite yoga poses, one at a time.

As soon as they feel like Dad has perfected the pose they can reward him with a piece of candy! This will encourage a feeling of confidence within your child, proving that they are able to be the “teacher” and teach Dad something he might not know. And Dad will simply be pleased to be spending quality time with his little ones. The candy of course is just an added bonus. The point to is to have some laughs and get your Dad into some silly positions! Have fun, enjoy the sun & celebrate your Dad!

Namaste & Play 🙂