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Module 3 Tweens/Teens Yoga and Partner Training

March 10, 2017 - March 12, 2017
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Module 3 Tweens/Teens Yoga and Partner Training

Being a tween/teen these days can be stressful. Sharing the practice of yoga can transform them and give them the tools they need to deal with these trials and tribulations. The is the age where they are finding out who they are and how they function in our society. They have the ability to dive deep into the practice of yoga.

This teacher training will share with you how to guide students 9-16 on an journey of self exploration, calming and stress reducing tools, how to deal with emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression and other teenage angst.

You will learn how to support students to develop self confidence and compassion, the they will feel empowered and be able to bring about a more peaceful and creative world.

Content will include poses, breathing techniques, themes, relation exercises, visualization and meditation techniques. We will address activities and games to support them in building positive body image, great self esteem, stress and nutrition management, forgiveness, relationship, addiction

We will engage in teamwork, building trust, confidence, concentration and a deeper sense of peace.You will learn how to turn around destructive attitudes and behaviors, and build healthy habits.

We will utilize affirmations and support them in shifting their consciousness.

Use of props, music, journaling and games will be demonstrated.

Find appropriate ways to demonstrate opening your heart and mind

Goal setting and intention time, to support them in being courageous and following their dreams.

This training explores many aspects of working with Tweens and teens, and give you a strong foundation for teaching this class after observation and when you’re ready.

This training is great for continuing education for yoga teachers, preschool and elementary school teachers and educators, nannies and anyone who loves working with kids!

About Casey

Casey Feicht, the creator of Kids Yoga Guide, is passionate about teaching kids, training others to teach kids yoga and serving the next generation in living a peaceful and healthy lifestyles. Casey’s passion for kids yoga grew out of her love for yoga and for her daughter Grace. Casey has been teaching yoga since 1998 and has experienced tremendous personal and spiritual transformation, so much that she could help but share it with kids.

Trainings times are

Friday 7-9pm Saturday 11:30-7pm Sunday 11-7pm (1 hour learning lunch on Sat/Sun)

More hours than other trainings and teaching gigs ready for you to step into!

$399 Early Bird before February 24th ~ $425 thereafter. To change your life and the lives of Kids Everywhere…

Space is limited and will fill up!

P.S. This training will only be offered a few times this year, so put it in your calendar NOW and commit in you heart and schedule. 😉 for this comprehensive Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

Training location: Mudra Yoga Studio 560 S. Holly St. Denver CO 80246

Have questions? Click here to read more in-depth details about this and all our teachers trainings connected to our Registered Childrens Yoga School 95 hr program.


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Start: March 10, 2017
End: March 12, 2017
Cost: $399


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