My name is Dmitria Veselak and I have recently started working with the amazing Kids Yoga Guide.

As part of the program I am honored to be able to write blogs about my journey and experiences.

Before we get into all that fun stuff though, I would like to take a little bit of blog time to introduce myself and talk about why I’m here.

I started doing yoga when I was a freshman in high school and I am so grateful I did. I cannot imagine having gone through the stresses of teenage life without the consistency of yoga to back me up. I remember my very first class and how shocked I was when the instructor actually told us it was ok to make mistakes.

That is not something anybody, particularly teenagers hear very often. After that first class I was tired, thirsty, sweaty and in love. Yoga always seemed to be there right when I needed it. Whenever I felt stressed out, a perfectly timed yoga class would have a theme on letting go. Bad date? A class on self love.

After every amazing class I always wished I had been introduced to yoga as a child. How incredible, I thought, to be brought up with that open mindset and the skills and tools that yoga cultivates within us. It was around then that I knew I was going to teach kids yoga.

Currently I am studying at the Nutrition Therapy Institute and will be certified in Holistic Nutrition in two years. My goal is to be able to combine my love of nutrition, yoga and kids in a caring, child centered practice.

By this time next year or sooner, I will be certified as a Kids Yoga Instructor through Casey’s amazing program. I am so excited to be here to share my experiences and grow along side all of us who are dedicated to bringing the same love of yoga to kids as we have been blessed to have.

Thank you, Dmitira