Connect with your kids through mindfulness and Yoga!

This LOVE donation ($5-$10) LIVE event (hopefully LIVE-Streamed)  is for heart-centered people who love kids and are wanting to support kids in growing up with skills to make choices of peace, experience mindfulness and to be able to calm themselves. No more bratty kids…


Enhance your connection with the KIDS in your life! 

Stressed, overwhelmed, distracted and not fully present with your kids? Do you feel like you lose your patience with your kids?  Do you feel like you’re pulling your hair out?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this video is for you….

I understand these feelings…..   If you are a parent/teacher/educator/provider, BEing with kids can be challenging. As a single mom who has done 80% of the parenting and financially responsibilities, I have NOT had it easy.

Watch this video to learn more…

If you can relate to dealing with any challenges like I have then you’re in the right place!  Like me, you want to have happy, calm & mindful kids, don’t you?

Today we are going to discover the world of P.L.A.Y! It’s in the acronym.

PLAY! Practice ~ Learn ~ Adjust ~ Yeah for more Practice Play!  ~ Namaste & Play!

As an expert in this area, I have a lot to share, but only have a limited amount of time with you on this video. I PROMISE to show you how you can take it further when you join me at my upcoming event!

It’s on July 26th at 6:30 pm Mudra Yoga Studio at Pearl St. (1550 S. Pearl St. Denver CO 80210) (possibly live-streamed if we can). You must reserve your spot as space is limited. 

YOU are going to walk away with tools that you can use immediately and some skills & tips of the trade that I learned the hard way. The good news is you don’t have to!

Let me break it down 4 U:

Practice, this is how we all learn. We do it over and over.

Learn (pieces of Magic Yoga Times/Act…), I will teach you easy ways to share. If you have never done yoga, or are fairly new to it, then it will be even more FUN!  We will do poses (make our body into shapes of animals), breathing exercises, & even talk about how your household games can be mindful practices.

We will experience the benefits of all of this ALL together.

Adjust, do it again & again & again &  AGAIN (A=GAIN) Repetition builds character, build YOUR confidence, adjust your sails.  Some kids will resonate with some aspects of the Magic Yoga time acts more than others.

Yeah! Have FUN with the Practice &  PLAY❣You will experience Happiness, Calm &  Inner PEACE!

At the event you will learn about our two tracks to learn and share with the kids in your life = Individual Modules OR Teach yoga in a professional setting (95 hour track)


  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed, join us to try it out!
  • It a simple fun process for you to experience!
  • I will walk you through it step by step & hold your hand along the way. It takes a village!

I want you to experience this OMazing transformation in your life. So sign up below.

To join us we ask for a small Love Donation $5-10 recommended, to help us cover cost of the space, food & babysitter (yes you heard that right, bring the kids! They get to play with you in the yoga session & after while you learn more!) 

If you can’t make it, we will be doing our best to record it and have it available, but you must register!

ACTION The first 10 people locally coming to join us LIVE in Denver to register will also get the “Super Hero Webinar”. The first 5 who watch the LIVE Stream will also receive this!

Hear what Noelle has to say about the “Super Hero Webinar”

Namaste and Play!

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Namaste and Play!