Change the world – Love your Family! Kids Yoga advice on this big day!

I love these quotes…
“If you think you are truly enlightened, go and spend a week with your parents.”

~ Ram Dass, Love Serve Remember

Today it seemed like ALL my friends were marching, including my housemate Jeannie, (can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow)! I LOVE this!

I was not marching today!

For many reasons…

1. I had the opportunity to hear one of my favorite men Barry Ebert speak about my favorite topicLove and Logic Institute, Inc. with my housemate Susannah!

The focus was on Mindful Parenting (goes with my biz and my personal passion) on Technology, which I also love, I am in the middle or recreating my website and have a passion for social media as it been a HUGE part of how people have discovered that Kids Yoga Guide exists!

As a single mom, living with 2 other single moms we have taken on the VILLAGE mentality that use to existed decades ago!

We are raising 5 kids in a home with three different ways of being, and finding ways to get us all on the same page.

Everyone always seems excited for us, and the reality is, it takes a lot of vulnerability, connections, communication and of course there are often kids crying, screaming and kids all relating to each other on different levels with preferences, challenges and so much more!

My desire for women’s rights is happening as we empower our girls who are doing gymnastics in this moment.

Teaching the boys how to respect the girls and creating non-violence in this home with our words, thoughts and actions.


The other main reason I was not out on the streets today is my claustrophobic, sounds sensitive, anxiety based self (and my daughter’s too) would have freaked, become overwhelmed and shut down. So for mental health reasons I know the highest came forth today.

Let’s all just love each other, reach out and learn, understand why we do what we do and support each others growth. Let’s just all get along!

Namaste and Play!