25 Feb2011February 25, 2011

Kids Yoga Games – Musical Mats

By Donna Freeman Musical chairs meets yoga. A fun, inclusive version of the classic game combining upbeat music, kids favorite yoga poses and loads of energy. This will be a hit with your group and can be played with any age, including teenagers. It is especially fun for Family Yoga and with groups of varying...

16 Feb2011February 16, 2011

Kids Love Bug Yoga (Video)

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mUwHJpDvWE By Donna Freeman In this video we demonstrate how to teach three bug yoga poses: butterfly pose, dead bug pose and spider pose. This is a fun activity for children who are interested in the outdoors and the many creepy crawlies found there. It is also an ideal way to incorporate yoga into the...

12 Feb2011February 12, 2011

Chinese New Year Kids Yoga Class

By Donna Freeman I love creating holiday inspired children’s yoga classes. Chinese New Year is an ideal holiday to help young yogis explore the world, celebrate their individual strengths and increase inter-cultural awareness and understanding. First tell the legend of how the Chinese Zodiac came to be. (Listen to Cora Wen explain this in greater detail in...

25 Jan2011January 25, 2011

Kids Yoga Book- Dogi the Yogi

Dogi the Yogi is a cute book that captures kids attention. Kids naturally love their dogs and to see Dogi the Yogi doing all their favorite pose, encourages them to join along. I use this book often with my  5 year old and also in my kids yoga classes. All kids love this book! I...

05 Jan2011January 5, 2011

Kids Yoga Games – Unleashing Creativity Through Play

Traditionally done children’s games could be adapted to innovative kids yoga with the main objective being keeping it uncomplicated, fun-filled and upbeat. Avoid frequently adjusting or rectifying kids in poses. Here are some fascinating yoga games that children would enjoy playing. Peace Peace Love Adapting this to a yoga game ‘dog-dog-cat’ for keeping children in...

11 Dec2010December 11, 2010

The Balloon Breath Relaxation Technique

by Mellisa Dormoy The balloon breathe is a deep breathing technique based on ancient yogic breathing (and correct breathing). The technique is simple to do and share with your children. It simply consists of a repetition of 3-5 deep breaths that fill up the tummy with air completely, like a big balloon.  Inhaling, take in a...

30 Nov2010November 30, 2010

Significance of Yoga For Kids

Yoga is very significant for healthy growth and development of kids. It ensures dynamic growth in all aspects of child development including physical, mental, moral, social, and spiritual. Yoga is considered to be a scientific way of attaining spiritual liberalization. Through this means kids find it easier to link their minds with their hearts and...

06 Nov2010November 6, 2010

Calm Kids Yoga

By Diane Anderson and Kaitlin Quistgaard Of course you want to share your love of yoga with the little ones in your life. After all, yoga improves flexibility, strength, and body awareness—and even calms kids down. Luckily, it’s easy to find books and DVDs to help parents inspire a budding yogi. Here are a few...

30 Oct2010October 30, 2010

Fun with Halloween Kids Yoga Poses

Young children love Halloween. They get to dress up as their favorite character, stay up late and go door to door collecting candy. Adding Halloween Yoga to the mix helps to make this holiday healthier and is an ideal activity for any Halloween Party. Pumpkin: pumpkin breathing – inhale and make your chest nice and...

19 Oct2010October 19, 2010

Catch Them When They Are Young: Yoga For Kids

Today’s kids are under so much stress right from school and in facing their parents and peers. Your child has to meet lot of deadlines and pressures right from homework to extracurricular activities to tuition and computer classes. And like the adults in their life, a lot of kids today are looking for ways to...