06 Jan2011January 6, 2011

Kids Yoga- Meditation

Teaching basic meditating and focus to the child. Asking the child to lie down or be seated & keep his/her eyes shut. Inviting the child to envisage a tranquil beautiful setting he/she remembers or invents. Encouraging the kid to remember smell, sight, sound, taste and sensation he/she experienced. Subsequent to 1-2 minutes, going about the...

05 Jan2011January 5, 2011

Kids Yoga Games – Unleashing Creativity Through Play

Traditionally done children’s games could be adapted to innovative kids yoga with the main objective being keeping it uncomplicated, fun-filled and upbeat. Avoid frequently adjusting or rectifying kids in poses. Here are some fascinating yoga games that children would enjoy playing. Peace Peace Love Adapting this to a yoga game ‘dog-dog-cat’ for keeping children in...

04 Jan2011January 4, 2011

Cold outside? Indoor Activities for Kids- Yoga!

He’s trained NFL stars and top Hollywood celebrities, but at today’s Child photo shoot, Boston-based yoga guru Baron Baptiste faces a different type of tough customer: rows of 4- to 8-year-olds from local public schools, all ready to twist themselves into poses with names like Warrior and Downward Dog. And this is no group of...

18 Dec2010December 18, 2010

Yoga in School part 2

By Jodi Mardesich This year, however, YogaKids has trained 51 teacher-educators nationwide, who have taught another 50 teachers in the “Tools for Schools” program, according to Haysman. YogaEd has trained about 200 teachers nationwide, Kalish says. So far, most of Yoga Ed.’s teacher trainees have come through the ranks of the public education system, largely...

17 Dec2010December 17, 2010

Yoga in Schools part 1

By Jodi Mardesich Although kids’ yoga has been catching on in studios over the past few years, not all families have the means to send their children to classes at $15-$20 a pop. Another venue is growing, however: More and more public and private schools are welcoming yoga and integrating it into the curriculum. “Most...

14 Dec2010December 14, 2010

P.E. with a twist: More schools offer yoga part 3

Yoga and storytelling, yoga and bullies Written by Rebecca Jones The Wellness Initiative is not the only organization pushing yoga in Colorado public schools. Another Boulder group, Calming Kids: Creating a Non-violent World, promotes yoga in school as an anti-bullying tool. Storytime Yoga, which integrates children’s yoga and storytelling, poetry and healthy eating, is also...

13 Dec2010December 13, 2010

P.E. with a twist: More schools offer yoga part 2

Still some fear, reluctance out there Written by Rebecca Jones Yoga isn’t new, of course. But many schools have been slow to adopt it into the physical education curriculum. “Years ago, there were protests about bringing yoga into the schools because people were afraid it was religious,” said Mara Rose, executive director of TWI. “But...

12 Dec2010December 12, 2010

P.E. with a twist: More schools offer yoga part 1

Written by Rebecca Jones Tom Barela, the physical education teacher at Denver’s Colfax Elementary School, grew up playing football and basketball in his gym student days. But on Monday, he was down on the floor alongside a class of kindergartners roaring like a baby dragon, then hissing like a cobra, then steadying himself like a...

10 Dec2010December 10, 2010

Kids Yoga and Disney on Ice

What does Disney on Ice and Kids Yoga have in common? Last night my daughter Grace (now 5) and I,  as well as our extended family went to see Disney on Ice. It was our first time, and it was great for kids and adults. As I watched the show, I couldn’t help but notice...